It Is Always Easier Said Then Done

Long time no see huh?

So i tried to give you guys the opportunity to pick my next topic. Of course few responded and brought up stuff i know nothing about. So yea thanks for that. You are all a great effing help. I’m just going to go for what I know. Now what i do know is things are easier said then done. Im sure all of you have heard it before. When you’re dealing with a person and your friends says “Let that bullshit go.” You look over and you give them the “stfu you’ve been here before” look. I don’t know how much I can go into detail but we are about to find out.

1.Emotional investments: Now everything isn’t always about relationships, but that seems to be the only thing y’all understand. When someone puts their time and their effort into something or someone, its not the easiest thing to just walk away from. I swear females are the first to be like “Leave him/her/that shit alone, you don’t need that it aint worth it” What your friend is missing is how much time you put into this. How hard you worked on this. How hard you went for this. But again if they’re you’re real friend, they know. With that being said they know that is/he/she isn’t going to be the easiest thing to walk away from. Thats just like somebody saying they love something, if you love it they’re going to go back to it. Example I love writing and I love radio, nobody pays me to write these blogs. And what i do as far as radio is concerned i don’t get paid for that either. But i do it and without either one of them I’m not a person. So i cant just walk away. I have emotional tides and an emotional investment in this. Ed he bust his ass to make sure that he puts his blog out everyday. S/O to TeamFlat! When your heart is in something you cant just let it go. That goes for emotional investments in people. Its hard to just walk away from something that you put your feelings on the line for. You’re going to fight for it until you don’t have any fight left in your body. So if you’re a friend reading this, understand that they aren’t being stupid. What they are fighting for is what they want!

2. Time investments : People tend to forget that time is something you CAN NOT get back. Once your time is waisted its waisted. When you walk away from something you put not only your heart but your time into, it hurts almost as bad a when you drop your iPhone face down on the ground. You hesitate to pick that damn thing up, then you take your time flipping over only to find that your damn screen is shattered to pieces. Most people panic and go into damn cardiac arrest and shit over a phone screen. But that right there is how people feel about putting their time into something that didn’t go right or that broke them. Time is of the essence and you cant get it back. There is no time travel (that i know of). You can’t rewind time or take it back. So once you let it go, you’re forced to sit there and think about all the things you could have done and all the things you could have changed. Nobody wants to regret the time that they put into a project or a person. Thats a tough feeling and a deep hurt to have to heal from. 

3. Fear of leaving with nothing: I say this only because when you put time and your heart into something you don’t want to leave with nothing. When you work so hard and did so mush just to prove you’re worth it or to get where you want to be or to make something happen, having nothing is a huge ass let down. Trust me i know! As a woman or a man hell as a person, you go so hard for the things you want, and its so hard to watch it all go straight to nothing. Like nothing, you put out money, you missed out on opportunities, you missed out on family events for this ( now if you missed out on family events over a dude or a female you’re a certified DUMB ASS). When you think its something you’re working on to make you money or to build your brand and you aint got shit when its over, thats hard to walk away from. So yes its always easier said then damn done

If you’re a person who always use phrases like ” Just move on” or ” Leave him/her/it alone” do me a favor, shut yo ass up! You are a person who has never been through anything. My advice to you is to leave the people who go through shit on a regular a lone. Lets us deal with our shit, Cause clearly yo ass don’t know what its like to have your time waisted,your feelings crushed and work hard to have it all go to shit in the end. So to you i say have a damn seat


Take the Warning

Today I’ll be nice. How’s your morning? I’m not waiting for a response so…………. Today I’m dedicated this blog to all the dudes in America. You all seem not to believe females when they say things until you have to find out later. Don’t get what I mean? If a girl tells you she is crazy. Believe her,she is probably bat shit crazy. If she says you’ll never forget her believe her. Here’s why

1. She said it! The fact that a woman gives you a warning about her character lets you know she knows her flaws. Now most heffas are in such denial that it’s almost hilarious. “I’m not crazy, I just blew up his car cause I was mad” no stupid you’re crazy. No sane person is going to blow up a damn car cause they’re that damn mad. If she said it I’m sure it’s true. So even if you can’t see it take it into consideration

2. She is warning you: Some people aren’t that nice to give you a warning. They just let you find out stuff on your own. Don’t care about you young man. But if she opens her mouth to say “Hey I’m complicated for no reason” or ” I have an attitude from hell and I know how to use it” you might wanna make notes. Dudes say stuff like ” I wish girls came with instruction manuals.” Hell we come with caution labels that come out of our own mouth. You might wanna make sure you listen carefully or that my friend will be your fried ass.

3. It’s HER character: Now if it’s in a woman’s character to be honest, then ass hole maybe you should listen. If it’s in a woman’s character to be up front,honest, or blunt she is going to tell you all the things people don’t like about her. It’s not to push your ass away. It’s to make you understand what you see is not what you get. It’s simply pretty gift wrap to the maelstrom that is your love interest(Don’t know what maelstrom means I don’t care google it).

When it’s all said and done men. She will warn you. She isn’t warning you to scare the dog shit outta ya. She is warning you so you know what the hell your getting into. You dick heads should try it.

It’s time for my breakfast. I’m out!

Excuses Are…………..

Lets talk about excuses. You know the shit that comes out of your mouth when you come up with reasons as to why you can’t do shit. Yea those. People come up with a shit load of reasons as to why they can’t do the following:

1. Forgive: Now I have no damn idea why people can’t let shit go! You expect to be forgive for what you do. So why is it that you can’t just let things go! People say all they time “I can’t forgive him/her for what they did to me because……..” Because what, the sky is blue, the grass is green. Like what. What the hell can you think of. People in this world or even in this life don’t get that if you just left go of old shit things will be so much better. Let that shit go!

2. What you can’t do: Our generation refuses to take risks any more. “Oh I’m not going to apply for that I can’t. I don’t have the money.” Now this, I am a victim of. But the best part about growing up is learning to just do something. Even if it doesn’t work out for you. Don’t you wanna be able to say you did it. You say shit like “I wanna be somebody” you aren’t going to be anyone making excuses as to why you can’t do shit. Oprah made no excuses. Nether did Steve Harvey, and his ass slept in a car for a year. So all that shit coming out of your mouth is bullshit.

3. I’m single because: Now this one, this shit here is my favorite. I’m single cause ” I don’t wanna be like my parents” “I don’t know how to be a boyfriend/girlfriend” “I’m not ready.” All that is pure grade A bullshit! Be honest, you’re scared but who isn’t. Again people are scared to do shit every day but they do it and get where they wanna be in life. So all that I’m not pressed to get my feelings hurt, ima pimp big boy shit you talking. Shut it up. You look damn stupid. Stop making excuses.

The sad part is, some people are going to see the title of this and think about the Poem Excuses. If you know what the hell excuses are, Why the hell are you making them.

Have a good damn day!

Get a Real Fear Bruh

So everybody having a great morning, Yea i don’t care

Everybody is afraid of something right? Some people are afraid of the dark, snakes, heights ya know shit like that. If your afraid of that stuff a round of applause for you ass bag for having normal fears! You are not special. But in this case its a good thing. Now if you fear other shit, you know stuff thats going to happen anyway no matter how much you try and avoid it, you my friend are a dumb ass. Now lets talk about some of the stupid shit people fear and why its damn stupid!

1. Getting Hurt: Now i can talk shit about this cause I was truly afraid of getting my feelings hurt and having to be the person to pick up the piece all alone. Now if you’re my age and you’re afraid of getting hurt, heres a little secret. SUCK THAT SHIT UP! Getting your feelings hurt is apart of damn life! Ninjas and i do mean you dudes, they kill me. They say stupid shit like “I’m never going to love another female.” Because of this again a applaud women. Even after we have been emotionally bruised and battered by you lame ass dudes, we still try. Ugh that shit grinds my damn gears! Nobody wants to get hurt so nobody takes a risk. Let me put it this way, when you were a kid and you climbed on the monkey bars for the first time you weren’t afraid of falling. But when that ass tried to switch damn bars and hit the ground is shook you up. Didn’t it? Im sure it did, but you cleaned that dirt off your ass and climbed right back on those monkey bars didn’t you? Oh you didn’t? Then you my friend have been a punk since birth. Ol punk ass.

2. Change: You can not I repeat you can not fear something so simple as change! That shit happens every day! Everyday of your life will not be the same as the day before. Think about it, when i got my first cell phone i couldn’t do half the shit my iPhone can do. Hell the damn thing didn’t even have a camera on it. Shit changes technology changes, style changes, hell school changes so why should your life be any different. If you think the shit around you is going to change and is doesn’t affect you you’re a certified dumb ass and i don’t see how you mad sit through school. As a person you’re going to be put through some changes so why the hell are you scared. Change is like a damn man, you don’t predict the shit to go the way it goes but you deal with it. If you’re afraid of change then your stupid, it going to happen even if you don’t want it to. Accept the shit for what it is and continue with your sad ass life.

3. People fear shit the don’t known: Now explain this to me, how the hell are you afraid of the unknown? YOU DONT DAMN KNOW! I don’t get that. You cant be sacred of some shit you don’t know about. What the hell kinda sense does that make. “Oh I’m scared to get to know her cause i don’t know her” Hey captain dumb ass! Thats why they call it and adventure or the unknown! Because you don’t damn know! The best or the funniest or even the best stories come out of some unexpected shit! Trust me. Ive met so many people who just up and did shit and have so many stories to tell and they’re good ass stories! Now if you want some exciting shit to tell your grandkid that they can pass on to their grandkids yo scary ass gotta be willing to walk into some unknown shit! Sheesh, you never know the outcome. You are not God and i know yo ass can predict the future cause if you could you wouldn’t be such a punk ass all the time.

Ugh damn! Y’all done made me feel some type of way. Ima do some unknown shit this weekend and see what happens. In the mean time FYI: Your life damn sucks if you’re afraid of shit like this!

Im out

Bros Before Hoes: Its Under Your Control

I would say hi but i kinda don’t care today.

So before i go into this blog I need to make a disclaimer: The views of this blog is not to pin point anyone or to make anyone feel any type of way. But if you are offended then that is your own personal fault.

Now, how many of you guys have a friend that is in a relationship and they just cant juggle friends and their significant other. You know what i mean. The one that puts their relationship before their friends instead of trying to figure out how to blend the two! I mean most people feel their relationship and their friends should be separate, but what if you cant separate the two. Need help? Don’t trip

1. You need to personally know the difference: Now if you personally don’t know how to separate the relationships or blend them it causes issues. When you’re in a relationship (in my opinion) your significant other should respect your friendships. Now I’m not saying they have to like your friends. I mean in a perfect world it happens but we aren’t talking about a perfect world we’re talking about this world. Respect the fact that as the significant other you were there second. So just because you came into the picture doesn’t mean that you are more or less important then the friends are. But it also doesn’t mean that everything stops and or changes because yourre in the picture. People tend to forget that God didn’t stop making people when he made you. So everything doesn’t revolve around you.

2. Don’t get too tied up: Some people dive head first into relationships forgetting the people that were with them in the beginning. Or the people that will be there when that person dumps that ass and you’re in tears. Those are big HELL NOs. Why? Because when you dive head first you’re soley focused on that one person. You’re friends become what i like to call “back burners bitches”. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t look damn confused. Its the person you forget about and expect them to be there once the bullshit starts. Relationships both intimate and friendships require attention. And if you know you that your significant other won’t stand for that shit don’t force your friends to.

3. Remember who was there first: Long story short people. BROS BEFORE HOES! Regardless of what. Or at least until stuff get serious. Cause the rule in my circle is: Bros before hoes and if the hoes cant hang with the bros then the hoes gotta go. Don’t get what that means. If your significant other doesn’t fit in with your friends that means that you can not truly be acting like yourself in front of them first off. Cause if i cant be who i am with TC and Erica (which is when i am my true self) but that most of my friends, then aint no way in hell my dude is going to be with us. Cause he cant hang, and honestly if i cant be me he cant be around long. But then again, who’s fault is it really that you aren’t yourself around your guy.

Can you catch the pattern here. If you can’t separate you friends and relationship, if YOU cant bring your friends around your boo thang its YOUR fault. People like to blame the outsiders so that they don’t have to take responsibility for the things that fall apart around them. Take charge of YOUR shit. Control YOUR shit!

Thats all the hell I’m saying

Cross The Line?

So some of this weekends invents are the inspiration for todays blog. Oh you thought i was about to tell you about my weekend. lol Chill not gonna happen.

Any way, Now you guys have read my blogs about friends with benefits and relationships period, and if you haven’t you should be smacked. Any way, the issue at hand is, what happens when things spark between two best friends. Like what if your best friend touches you in a way he/she never has before, and what if you liked it? What happens if you see possessive signs, or you notice things feel just a little different. Do you talk to your best friend about it? Or do you play it out and see what happens? Now this like anything can either go absolutely great or you two shits can crash and burn and then your friendship is screwed. Let me help you dicks handle this effectively:

1. This is not a movie: Ninja this ain’t Brown Suga or none of those movies where the two best friend fall madly in love and live happily every after. Thats bullshit. Face reality, and the reality of the situation is it might work and it might not. Any relationship you get into, yo ass is taking a risk at getting hurt, shit working, or losing somebody. Just cause its your best friend or a close friend doesn’t make it any different. You gotta put in the same work. People think oh he my friend he already know how i am. Don’t assume that. They know your personality, not how you treat your significant other. So again your putting you and your friend emotions at risk.

2. Make sure you’re prepared for the possible: Don’t understand what i mean. When dating a friend you can either be married to your best friend and you guys be together for life. Or you to dick heads could end up in a big fight and yo ass will be sitting on the corner signing Cant Be Friends by damn Debora Cox. When friends date or have sex there needs to be a discussion. Y’all need to be prepared for a relationship to not work and you jerks still be friends. Now most FEMALES cant do that. I put females in caps cause you hoes suck at letting go of your ex. I mean damn y’all broke up let go. But any way, most people don’t date their friend cause they are afraid that things will change and they will lose their friend. If this is the step you guys wanna take then don’t be a damn child talk like adults( if you even know how to be and adult). This is why i cant stand when people say “Sex complicates things” I’m here to tell you NO THE HELL IT DONT. YOU AND YOUR DAMN FEELINGS COMPLICATES SHIT! People wanna be all lovely dovey all off some good loving. Im sorry but you gotta lay down the rules. Its simple, don’t get in your feelings and if you feel like you’re about to then you need to stop slapping damn skins with whoever the hell it is. You’re an offing adult! A grown ass person! Yo ass no when to call it quits with some shit. Get it the hell together! 

Now i won’t be long cause I’m kinda busy today. But if you’re thinking about giving your friend the business, YOLO give it to them. But be careful if you don’t wanna lose your friend you might wanna chill and just let your imagination roam. Cause if not you bound to fuck some shit up.

What About Your Friends?

Whats up people.

How many of you this morning can say that you have friends. Like real friends, you know the ones that will do anything for you. Show up at your events and support you. Come visit you where ever you are cause you need them. How many people can you count on your hands and toes in your life like this. Ummm, you thinking about it aren’t you. I bet right now in your head you’re thinking about which one of your friends ever did something for you just to let you know they really care. Its funny right, you’re loyal, you’re a great person, but now that your sitting there all you can think about is those little piece of shit “friends” you have. Some people don’t know what a friend is. Some people are so selfish, they don’t know how to be friends to someone else. Then you have people who are friends with you for their own personal gain.

1. Loyalty: You looked confused. You’ve never experienced a loyal friend. Thats crazy. Ill tell you about some. A loyal friend has you’re back no matter the situation. They are always have your best interest at heart. Stabbing you in the back, they wouldn’t think about it. People try to ruin loyal friendships with words. Try to instigate shit between the two of them. Making big ass deals out of nothing, or trying to turn a small episode into a movie. But when you’re loyal, nothing and i do mean NOTHING, can ruin a friendship. Its crazy cause my mother always told me that i would meet my real friends in college. Ive met them but my options are very slim.

2. Honesty: If thats your friend, why in the hell would you lie to them. I say that cause some of y’all walk outside looking hit as shit, ya “best friend” walk up and they be poppin. Your best friend be on it, but they don’t give a damn about how you look. Wanna know why? Cause they don’t give a shit. They probably didn’t agree to be your bestie lol you just started calling them that. If I ever look like shit and its not purposely, TC and Erica wouldn’t think twice about telling, hell they probably wouldn’t let me leave until i changed my damn clothes. But not only is a friend honest about your personal appearance, they are honest about your personal choices or your attitude. Prime example, your friend will always tell you when you’re wrong or out of line. But they will defend you in public. You never tell your friend about themselves in front of people who are not in your circle. That shit don’t fly with me. And trust me I’ve told some people about themselves, they didn’t like it and i didn’t give a fuck, shit truth hurts. Would you rather hear the truth from a friend or a stranger.

3.SUPPORT: I put that in caps because its important. I love the very and i mean VERY few people I have around me. One night in a group text all i had to say was i needed them. Didn’t tell them why, and they didn’t ask. They were just there. And no i didn’t mention their names because i don’t need to. They have my back just like i have theirs. Most people have friends that call them in tears, and instead of just saying ” don’t worry whatever it is it will all work out” or “relax and pray about it.”The first thing they ask is “Oh my God what happen whats the matter” and granted sometimes knowing the situation helps you find the words to say. Sometimes though, just telling someone that it will all be ok helps more than finding the right words.

I’ll go where ever my left and my right hand are when they need me. No matter the cost no matter how far. Even if its just to send them flowers on Valentines Day, or texting them and telling them i love them. I love the bond that i have with the few people i have it with. I was raised with two friends(s/o to my two blood sisters) and as i got older i gained a few more. I won’t name them, they know who they are. And if you have to think for one second and wonder if I’m talking about you. I’m probably not.

You enjoy your day. No fuckery today

You Can’t Give Me Time Back


Anybody ever invest time in someone. I mean like really invest time in them. Focusing on them, supporting them, being there for them. Showing somebody that you’re really for them and want to be everything for them just for them to want somebody else. Now if this has eve happen to you, I’m sure you were thinking “good things take time” and “maybe I’m putting a dent it in” and then pow right in the damn kisser. You’re not the person they want.

1. You can’t get time back: say you’ve been focused on one person for a year. 365 days you’ve been there for them, supporting them, and pushing them to be a better person. You can get those 365 days back. Those shits are gone. So now you look back on what you could have had with someone else but you didn’t have it. It’s unfair to you. And I strongly believe when shot like this happens, people know. They knew it wasn’t going to be you. So why not be real about it and say it. Instead of allowing someone o catch damn feelings.

2. You’re leading them on: if you’re allowing someone to emotionally invest in you and you’re not doing the same you’re an ass. For people like me emotional investments don’t happen often for you. It’s rare that you meet someone that you truly like. Then for you to make this investment and find out 365 days later that it’s going absolutely now where is a hurting feeling. But then you’re the one in your feelings and your the one that needs to chill. What about the person that waisted your time. Nothing happens to them. They end up happy cause they’re with who they wanted to be with. Then you, you have to start all over. Asking people what their favorite color is. Learning somebody’s whole name and birthday all over again. And trust me that shit sucks ass. To have to do all over again. How many times does a person wanna have to open up to someone and let someone know they’re really trying to only get the damn door slammed in their face one more time.

Moral of this story. Time is I’ve the essence. Don’t waist my time giving me false hope about something you already decided.

Benefit of the Doubt? Why Not?

So recently there have been a lot of crazy relationship things going on. People lying and floating in and out of lives. Then there’s people lying and claiming they’re 100 about everything. Now my friends and I have a low tolerance for this kinda shit. I mean you wanna give a person the benefit of the doubt right but is that always a good thing? Let’s talk about the pros and cons shall we. Pros first:

1. It could work: sometimes if you think positive about somebody positive things will happen. You think to yourself ” ok don’t be an asshole take a chance” and it works. But let’s be honest how often does that shit really happen in the society.

2. They will screw you over: as you can see there aren’t many pros of giving somebody the benefit of the doubt. It either works or it doesn’t The con is the “it doesn’t” part. It’s so stupid cause you’re thinking. I’ve been through so much shit, this may be the person to change that. Few months later they turn out to be the piece of shit you thought they were all along. Now I’m not saying don’t take a risk just know every guy or every girl isn’t going to be the perfect side piece to your thrown. People are shitty, and there is a real shortage on good men and women. It’s sad cause most of the good people are assholes. But don’t worry it’s are best effing quality. Enjoy it! But at the end of the day you’re going to have more hits and misses then not.

Enjoy the ride fuckers!

Keep Your Baggage. I’m Cool

Boats and hoes America

I was talking to my sister Ashley this morning and I got the best idea. Today I want to talk to you shit bags about baggage. You know the stuff you bring to a relationship that nobody wants to deal with. Yea the bullshit or drama that your stupid ass forgets to mention when you talk to someone. TC, Erica and I know a lot about this shit don’t we guys? ( pretends that they just agreed with me) I miss them so much. Any way people are good for this.

1. Give people the option: ninjas today don’t give people the option of dealing with the baggage they bring to the table. State your shit up front, if you gotta crazy ass ex say that. If your not over your last relationship say that. I can’t stand when you gotta find shit out later on in life. Like da fuq! Now I’m knee deep in this shit and I’m damn stuck.

2. Baggage is too much damn weight: granted people don’t get over shit fast anymore. But don’t come around trying to weigh me down with your crazy shit. I can’t take that. Like my life is already crazy. I already deal with you. Why the hell would I want to deal with extra shit you should have handled before you got to me. You better pack your damn baggage and set fire to that shit at the front door. Cause I don’t want the shit. When a man or woman has to deal with somebody else’s shit it becomes way too damn much. Y’all gotta chill.

3. It take up too much time: while people sitting here dealing with baggage I’m trying to make money. And if your with me, yo ass new to be trying to make money too. They only damn bags we should be putting time and effort into are the damn bags of money we need to put in off sore accounts. I’m trying to build a damn empire, and taking time out to deal with your crazy shit isn’t going to make me no damn money. So like I said, pack that shit up and set it a damn flame. Cause I’m not bringing no baggage to you so don’t you bring that shit to me.

Now I gotta go handle some business for this party. You still look like last night. Go clean your dirty ass up.

I’m out