Too Far To Be Faithful?

What up!

Just so you under stand I’m posting every Monday. Give you suckas time to read it. The more you read the more I post that’s kinda how this works. So y’all enjoying this rainy day? All cuddle up with bae watching cartoons? Well that’s cute and shit but some of us don’t get to enjoy that luxury. Now don’t go off the deep end thinking a shorty got dumped in one week. Chill it ain’t about to be that. How many of y’all are in a long distance relationship? When I say long distance I don’t mean, your shorty live 15-20 minutes away and you don’t have a car. I mean you guys are 2 hours plus away, both of you work so seeing each other get complicated. Today we talking about it. We sharing a few dos and maybe some don’t when you’re in a long distance relationship. Can anybody guess whats coming next? Anyone? That’s right its a freaking list(in my dear Ashley voice). Oh wait I’m sorry. Some of y’all know nothing about that. Shout to everybody who watched All That in the 90’s

1. Communication is key. Understand that you are not in the same area. You don’t get to see them everyday, you don’t go home to that person. So the least you can do is make sure they hear from you. Now this in particular is for my ladies. Cause one thing we good at is getting an attitude and expecting him to just know. That man ain’t Miss Cleo, he can’t read your mind and he isnt there to see your face. So don’t pick up the phone screaming and yelling like he know exactly what he did. You are a damn adult! Don’t start that pouting like a child shit and through a tantrum. You were given a mouth so use yo damn words. It’s that simple. Don’t know how let’s have a crash course. Repeat after me “Baby you pissed me off when you……” now you say it “And i feel like………” now you say it. See that wasnt hard. It was calm and I’m 100% sure you just avoided an argument off some dumb shit.

2. DO NOT ENTERTAIN OTHER HOES. Now this shit here will get you caught up. Dudes you’re not the only ones who do it so this goes for everybody. Don’t sit there and make somebody else feel special knowing you in a relationship. I mean shit this common sense for any relationship. Now ladies this isn’t and excuse for you to go tell your man he can’t be friends with Shaniqua no more. All I’m saying is there shouldn’t be a place holder for your man/girl there shouldn’t be somebody that you spend time will all the time back home. You giving them way to much attention. Then that hoe going to thing you like them. Now you got a bigger problem on your hands. Have friends, friends are cool. On lonely night they chill and keep you company. You better not cuddle with that friend, kiss on that friend or give that friend any impression of anything else.  You always have the option of hanging with friends of the same-sex I mean that will keep you out loads of trouble.

3. Trust. This one simple word will make or break everything your relationship stands for. I know y’all hear all the song quotes ” you can’t love someone unless you trust em” and a shit tone of other ones. Don’t act like y’all don’t know them cause i seen all of y’all post at least one on instagram, Facebook, and twitter. So lie if you want to. But any who, those things are true. Y’all  be yelling ” I true Rayquan, that’s bae I love him” but as soon as Rayquan walked through the damn door ” Rayquan let me see that damn phone”. I’m sorry but I’m not going though no phone that OD. Anything that anyone does I will always find put and a cell phone isn’t going to be the way I do it. Trust is everything in a relationship. If you don’t have trust, all you truly have is a friend with benefits that you call bae. Females kill me with though always yelling “you can’t trust these ninjas, they aint shit”. Hell half y’all females aint shit either! These dudes need to be telling y’all aint shit. They can’t trust y’all like you can’t trust them and 95% of them time its y’all fault they act they way they do. But don’t listen to me I’m just a woman I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about.

I say all that to say, just cause you far away don’t mean you don’t have to be faithful. Long distance relationships allow you to get to know who you’re with. This generation so hooked on sex that y’all forget what a relationship stands for. You can’t progress with someone if you don’t know who they are. That’s point-blank period. Now I gotta get ready for work in this freaking rain


Unconditional or Fictional

What up fools! Happy New Year. Obvisouly my New Year’s resolution was to get back to doing what I do best! Being your favorite part of the morning. Well afternoon now. Of course there will be some changes around here, everything wont be relationship based but if that’s how you guys want me to keep it let me know. You read this, so your opinion does matter. Now let me say this in a way y’all understand. If I ask y’all opinion or ask y’all to select the next topic DO IT! Dont look at the damn post and say nothing. But anyway let’s get into this blog bruh.

So this morning I text my man, yes butt heads I said my man. The kid is not longer on the market (hits Shmoney Dance) but i asked my man what I should blog about. His ass replies unconditional love. Now usually i would shoot him with the bae WTF text. Not today, cause some of y’all don’t know the difference between unconditional love or fictional love but its cool we getting ready to talk about it. Its crazy though cause people now days are so quick to be like “Oh he love me. That’s bae” or “Nah I’ll do anything for her that’s my bae”. Again don’t trip cause we about to talk about it. y’all know what my favorite method is……….KIDS YOU GUEST IT A MU FUH LIST!

1.Meterialistic shit is not love! Oh you thought I wasn’t going to slip a curse word in here or two. Kill yourself. Any who, just cause somebody buy you the world don’t mean they love you. In some cases they just be wanting you to shut up. I’ve seen this happen plenty of damn times. “Oh I’ma buy her these Jays cause she mad at me and I know she want em.” First off if you dropping more than $80 dollars on shoes for somebody that you’re not married to, sorry my friiiiieeeend(in my indian voice) but you are a damn idiot. Cause soon as shorty leave yo ass she going to bag a new dude in them damn Jays yo stupid ass bought. *sips tea* But that’s not of my business. On top of that, gifts could be guilt gifts. You walking around with them ” I’m cheating you so here go something to make you look pretty, cause you look a fool out here in these streets” earrings. Now don’t get me wrong I do for my man just like he do for me but we arent built on meterialistic shit! We grind together. Just because he pay 300 to install your weave dont mean he love you girl remember that. Just cause she got ouy her bed at 2:00am to stand in line for some damn shoes don’t mean shit. Well it does mean something, she damn crazy or you must be good at whatever it is you doing.

2.Socail Media posting is not love! Ok now don’t get me wrong its cute to be your man’s WCW, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this that means Women Crush Wednesday. It’s also a good feeling when your girl post you as her MCM or Man Crush Monday, for my non social medalist. I mean yea that’s cute it feels good, but that don’t mean shit! Now let’s be real I’m sure most of y’all, ok all of y’all follow me on social media and I post half ass pictures of my dude. His shoulder, his arm, his back stuff like that, it’s not cause im ashamed of him but I’m not about to flood y’all damn timeline with his pics cause i love him. Y’all don’t care if I love him, hell half you dudes waiting for me to say I’m single so y’all can slide in my DM’s. Honestly I wont name names but some of y’all already in there. But listen to me my generation, it don’t mean a damn thing cause you on the profile pic or on the wall paper or on the age at all. Cause just like you up there it can be a new girl or dude up there tomorrow. Just saying.

3.Calling somebody Bae don’t mean they love you! Ugh that shit kills me. “That’s bae though” understand you can be bae today and a stranger tomorrow. Just cause he call you bae don’t mean you his girl friend and vis a versa. Lol I call D Rose and Troy Polamalu be all the damn  time and neither of they asses want me. They don’t call me, they don’t text me, hell I can’t even get a ticket to a game. Do I get called babe? Yes! I do. But i also get introduced as his girl, his old lady( that’s that country bull) or his girl friends. If he not introducing you with a title, y’all not even together so you know damn well he don’t love yo ass! Females do the same thing y’all aint no different. Y’all just change the tittle in front of company. ” Oh y’all this my best friend Elijah” girl stop it lol. Nobody new to this. If you getting  called bae behind closed doors  understand it’s not just you. Y’all going to learn one day.

Moral of this damn story is y’all living in Disney land with Mickey Mouse and Minnie with these situationships. Unconditional love is none of the stuff I just listed. It’s knowing you have a support system. Knowing somebody is there for you in times of good and bad. How do you expect to be with somebody when they on top but you weren’t there to help get them there. Unconditional love is knowing the circumstances and choosing to stay regardless. But y’all don’t hear me though. Y’all will understand when I hit you with this long distance blog tomorrow.

Well I’m off to go get this money.

I’m Baaaaaaack!

Soooo what up America!

Did you miss me? Yea shut up lying I don’t have time for that. Just kidding. So of course I took some time off because I’m human, things got chaotic, so I took sometime off. But how long did you think you could go without my disrespectful mouth on your TL. Not too long huh?

Now on to today’s topic!

Now I know some of you saw my Facebook status about they way people are dressing these kids. Yes today I’m talking to you about your damn kids. Do I have kids? No! I don’t but I’ve been around enough kids to know that they shouldn’t be dressed like future drug dealers and baby pole dancers of America. Of course it’s soooo cute right? Don’t worry I’ll tell you why it’s not
*does Bobby Shamurda dance* I wrote this list about a weeeeeek ago week ago.

1. THEY ARE KIDS! I’m not sure about yall but I was born in the 90’s when belly shirts and bandeaus got on the scene. Hell I was there when Brittany Spears took that button up and tied it up to her breast. But do you think at the age of 11 Yvonne (my mommy) let walk out the house like that. Ummmmm hell no! Because I was a child. Kids use to wear stuff crazy color sweaters with teddy bears on them, Spider-Man shirts and Barney scrunchies. These kids dressed like Ciarra in the damn “Ride It” video. The hell? That’s ok?

2. Image is everything: like I said earlier people have their kids out here dressed like future drug dealers and baby pole dancers of America. I don’t understand how people don’t relate what their kids where and what they see to how they act. Personally I feel like you can’t blame society for the way you raise your kids. But then again if you’re letting society raise them then what do you expect. Yes kids watch things on TV and have their favorite celebrities and want to be like them. As a parent you need to draw the line. At some point you daughter needs to understand that at the age of nine crop tops and leggings are inappropriate for her age. Somebody has to explain to your ten year old son that nobody wants to see his underwear. Hell it’s already a hard time explaining that to a grown ass man.

I mean I’ll get off my high horse today cause I don’t have kids. But I know when I do have them they will be dressed like kids. I’m not saying the name brand stuff is wrong but dressing 3 year old like he’s 23 is not a good look. If you dress these kids like the adult figures they see they will begin to emulate these adult figures. Then stuff will start to get real.

Love ,peace and hair grease people. I need to get my day started

Dark Skin VS Light Skin: The Battle?

So it’s not Monday. But this blog topic was specially requested. And honestly somebody should have suggested it sooner.

Now here is a question for you guys. When a person of another race sees a light skin or dark skin person, what do they consider them? If you said African American then you my friend are correct. Here is another question. When a light skin person sees a dark skin person, what do they consider them? Don’t know?

Well the answer should have been African American or Black whatever you feel suites you. For some odd reason “Light Skin” and “Dark Skin” have become a race. Instead of us all just being a race as a whole. Let’s get into this shall we:

1. This sequesters are race: don’t know what sequester means? Let’s turn in our dictionary to the S section. I would explain but I don’t have time. But back on subject. Y’all dick wads single handedly took an entire race and made it two. Last time I check your ancestors and mine, regardless the skin color, went through the same shit! Have you read black history. It’s BLACK HISTORY. It isn’t “Dark Skin History Month” or “Light Skin History Month” it’s BLACK! Damn I don’t think y’all get what the hell y’all are doing to our people alone or do y’all not care?

2. Y’all put one color over the other: the same people that’s yelling equality for gay rights can’t even give a person that’s a lighter skin tone the same treatment. Like I don’t think people understand how stupid they sound when they say “Oh that’s some light skin shit.” Now I’m going to be adult about mine. I have said it but never will I ever chose a light skin person of a dark skin person. Y’all so damn foolish. Again to everyone that sees us we are all black so what’s the real difference.

3. Do y’all not know you ruin dating in our race: oh you didn’t think of it that way huh? I bet you didn’t! I get so sick of people say “Oh there’s no good black men” “Good black women don’t exist.” They do. Funny thing is y’all so against a light skin person or a dark skin person that y’all miss out on black love. Then y’all say stupid shit like “Oh she pretty for a dark skin girl” or “He not light skin so he can’t have my number.” You look like complete ass heads. Your downing your own race. You better appreciate that your race before somebody else does. Cause there’s a plethora of people who would want these black beauties.

I’m just being honest. But y’all don’t hear me though.

Time to go get this money.

Flaws and All?

What’s going on and stuff yall.
Happy belated Father’s Day to all the real ninjas and the dead beats. Just cause you don’t take care of your kids don’t mean they arent yours.

Now there is something I want to get into today. Here’s a question,  you ever meet somebody and you’re acting other than yourself to impress them?  If you answered yes, I got news for you, you dumb as all hell. Reason being is because why would you act like this person that you’re not. What if they fall for who you were pretending to be. Thats not who you are right. This goes for relationship and friendships. Faking for the photo can be potentially dangerous and here is why:

1. You can’t keep up the image: now I don’t know about you but it takes to much work to be someone else. You have to remember who you pretend to be all the time. Females are good for this shit. They run around acting all giddy go lucky all the time. They act like they have no flaws. News flash stupid. Nobody’s perfect and trying to be something you aren’t take waaaaaaay to much time. Eventually youre going to open your mouth and the damn truth will fly right out and then what. You’re sitting there looking and begging for someone to forgive you for damn faking.

2. Your true colors WILL show:  this pretty much refers to being in a relationship. Now let’s just say you pretending to be that you’re not some jealous, psyco, stalker ass person. Then you get with your shorty and one day he don’t respond to your text. You flip out, next thing you know you’re ridimg around town calling and looking for his ass acting all out of character and shit. Then what. What are you going to tell him. See that right there is why dudes don’t get in relationships now. You act one way while yall talking. Then you turn into some ole crazy hoe he dont recognize. Then yall runing around yelling “There are no real men in this world” there are real men out here. They’re hiding from ypu costum wearing ass crazy women.

3. You look insecure as shit: now im not about to go knee deep about being insecure. Ive already wrote a blog about it. But I will say this,  half of yall ran dudes off cause you’re not happy with you. Get your life together. We are all grown, if you’re not confident and comfortable with yourself by now then you got major problems.

I say all that to say this: if you can’t burp, fart, make funny voices or just be you in front of whoever, whenever, wherever then its too late for you. I love being me aint no shame in my game. Somebody loves the goofy, tomboy, random asshole that I am. Yall need to much approval out here.

Im out.

Social Networkships: Grow Up

Good morning my fellow Americans.  So there are going to be some blog changes around here obviously. Just a heads up ill post a new blog every Monday. I know, I know my mouth is so disrespectful that you need a pinch of it to get your day started but you suckas aint paying any bills around here. Love yall though. Mean it.

Now what I want to get into today is you social networkships. Don’t know what that is don’t trip. I’ll tell you. A social networkship is that dumb ass thing that you dudes and females created. Because some way down the line yall let Facebook, Twitter and Instagram define your relationship. Yall let relationship statuses, names in bios and damn pictures determine what your relationship means or signifies. So here is why that crap is stupid. *drum roll for list*

1. Putting on a show proves nothing: just because you post pictures of your man/girl that don’t mean nothing. Like lets be honest here. You can have a private relationship without it being a secret. All of yall claim to be grown men and women. Let you not be that Man Crush Monday or that Women Crush Wednesday. All hell break lose and now yall arguing cause he/she isn’t showing you off. So you mad or nah? My personal opinion if my dude posts one picture of me on any social network I’m fine with that. I’m not tripping. On the real yall sound real insecure being mad about a MCM or a WCW its just a picture.

2. Just like celebrity relationships WE DONT CARE: now this is what I mean. I don’t care about Beyonce and Jay-Z every move. I don’t care if Future and Ciara had their baby. I don’t give a damn who was at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Now if I dont care about that stuff why do you think I give a damn about what you and bae doing Sunday through Saturday. Now I’m not a jealous or fake friend. I’m happy for you guys a picture every now and again is cool. But every damn day. Yall picstiches don’t mean shit! Nothing its greay you guys are happy but again if you tripping off some “Why I’m not on your Facebook or your Instagram” type ish. I need you to grow your ass up. Yall to old for that like for real

3. You can keep your relationship private without it being a secret: Now listen clearly. I’m not saying that putting a picture up or a post or a tweet every now and again isn’t bad. But everyday is a little excessive. We’ll all know when yall arent together anymore. Cause yall stop posting tweeting posting. Then yall be the first ones talkimg about “People always in my damn business” well if you didnt put your damn business out in the open we wouldn’t be in it.

Now I have a job to get to and bills to pay. Thank yall for rocking with me. I appreciate the love and support. Drop your comment for blog topics.

Im out hoes

Le Side Chick

I been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off goons in the club case something jump off

Que pasa America. Yea yea yea I know im waaay over due for one of these. But understand that I’m a real person with real person problems. Ya digg. So anyway lets take today to talk about your favorite subject and mine. The infamous Side Chick. Yes that’s right I said it. The Side Chick. Now if you’re someone who just got offended its not my fault that you are the side chick. I would say these are the pros and cons of having a side chick. But honestly what good comes outta entertaining two females.

1. Its too much work: Now most of yall think you got it down pack. You can handle two chicks and be good. But lets take into consideration that you have to hide the side chick from your main chick. That meams deleting texts messages and phone calls and crazy shit like that. Changing the password on your phone every two weeks cause she figures it out. Hell having a side chick is almost like having a full time job with benefits and no damn pay. Who has time! But yall are cool with this cause you getting the best of both worlds huh?

2. You WILL get caught up: a female knows when some shit ain’t right. Your phone laying face down now. You change positions when you get text message. Oh yeah she sees it. She isnt saying anything but she sees. And I soon as you think you pulling one over on her Is when she pop you in the face like Ike did Tina and you sitting there looking dumb. Like you don’t know what the hell you did. Ole dumb ass.

Now this is more so a comment then a poing but since this is my blog and I do what I want. Its a point

3. If you’re the side chick: Now first of all you as the side chick look stupid. Cause side chicks usually know that they are on the side. You are not the main shorty so of course you know you dont come first. It’s not about you. And for you to be ok with that makes you look dumer than Olivia Pope. But most of you side chicks love her anyway don’t you. She is like the side chick queen. But at least she make moves. Only moves yall make are wrecking people’s home.

Now again. If you took offense to this. Thats your own fault not mine. You have a good day. I have things to do

PSA: Cuffin Season Is Over

You missed me? Yea right you’re a liar!
Nah just kidding.

Anyway, first on my list congrats to the class of 2014! Welcome to club Alumni where the jobs are slim and the damn bills keep coming. Second congrats to everybody who made it through the damn semester breath its the summertime. Speaking of summer how many of yall dumped shorty you was cuddling with over the winter time? Oh you did? Thats cool. Yeap of you havent caught on yetnwe are about to get into the pros and cons of the end”Cuffin Season”. Now most of yall sitting there thinking there are no cons, you got what you needed so you out! Right?

1. Cuffin isn’t a damn season: if you’re going to be with somebody be with them! Don’t have them hanging on to your every word throughout the damn winter. Then once the weather break amd the Thots come out to play you wanna leave her. Where were thots when you needed somebody to be there for your ass and you was going through stuff. Yall got shit confused. If you just wanted somebody to smash and pass for the winter, you should have been looking for the rachet hoes not somebodh thats willing to ride for you. Ugh ima keep repeating myself until you dummies get it.

2.  You free to go: I mean on the plus side you’re a free agent. You can do whatever you wanna do. Nobody to piss you off. Nobody to answer to. I mean I dont know about yall but there wont be too many people telling me what to do where to go and how long to be there. But then again I don’t have that issue. Thats call cause nobody can trust your ass you too sneaky. But most people likr their freedom. Isnt that why half of yall single anyway.

3. You’re going to need a new “cuff buddy”: Now I never had to find a cuff buddy but im sure that process is a hell of a lot of work. Hell I seen the applications lol its like applying for a part time postion out here in these streets. You check resumes too? But still you gotta make surepeople ain’t crazy. Cause crazy people don’t understand what the hell temporary means. Then you gotta make sure they dont run they mouth and all kinds of shit. And all this could be avoided if you do one of two things. One dont get a cuff buddy, get you a damn friend with benefits. You can’t go wrong with that. I mean hell yall friends and sometimes yall sink each others battle ship loo there is nothing wrong with that. Two you coyld just get a damn girlfriend or boyfriend. Its a lot easier that way. Id rather have a sure thing them have to run from some psyco every six months. Im cool on that.

But anyway if thats what yall into I’m cool with it.
Im out

No Title: The Back Story

I was texting TC last night and what we talked about kinda got me thinking. Sometimes you just need somebody in your life that gets it. That understands. They get that you need their company and thier companionship but don’t want a tittle. I get that for a woman a title signifies everything a title makes it real. But nimrods instead of jumping down their throats about not wanting to be with you look at the actual situation. There could be plenty of reasons

1. They just want your company: some people don’t want to be your gf or your bf. They don’t want to be yours. Hell they probably just like being around your ass and on occasion you let him grt the box. Oh well. So nine times out of 10 if he saying or she saying “Hey I just dont want you” they honestly dont want you. They probably just wanna be your friend. So stop trying to push yourself on them. You look stupid and desperate. And trust me it aint cute. You’ll lose a friend. And if you that beat for a boyfriend I heard Match, Eharmony, Christian Mingle and Black People me have some desperate people just like you.

2. They may not be ready: now I know a few peoole that can agree with this. One of those people being myself. Sometimes you just arent ready. Its not the easiest thing in the world when you’re blessed with the right person at the wrong time. But if thats the case don’t just keep dragging them along and not explain it to them. Its ok to not be ready. Some peoole get that. And if they really understand they are going to ride for you until you are. And thats real.

3. TITLES COMPLICATE SHIT SOMETIMES: this is mainly for females. You heffas get this girlfriend title and start acting like a whole new person. You change cause you’re their girlfriend.  You are not the female you were when you met him. Nobody wants to date a stranger. Most females feel like they need to be extra or do more just cause he officially yours and that honestly don’t meam shit. You’re boyfriend and girlfriend not husband and wife. Its going to be nothing for him to dump that ass and keep it pushing. Always remember, when they say its cheaper to keep her they aint talkin about no spoiled ass girlfriend

Now I got shit to do. Later.

Love: Rated RR for The Ready and the Real

Sup young bros

Today i wanna get into something that most of you terd captains are afraid of. Lets talk about LOVE. Yes love, the big ole four letter word that makes dudes shit bricks and makes chick sick. People take the word LOVE and just throw it around and all kinds of shit. Dudes take it and use it to their advantage. Yup, they get whatever they want from females cause she love them. Suck these you aint getting shit from me. Love is what makes females expectation so high. You love her so she expect more from you and all you want is the lock off pandora’s box. Love freaking complicates a lot of things. So i have no idea where I’m going with this ( i wouldn’t be me if i wasn’t telling the truth) but we are going to run with it. Things you need to know about love:

1. It is NOT a game: Love is not something you play with. People’s feelings and emotions get caught up in the word love. If you don’t mean that shit don’t say it. Think about it like this, love is like a loaded gun and you’re the one holding it. Everybody knows about gun shot wounds. You can get grazed by a bullet, the bullet can go straight through you(and you’re fine) or you can get shot and be dead on sight. Some people get touched by love but its just a touch, meaning if shit go wrong they walking away from that shit just fine. They aren’t phased by it. Love can get into your mind, now if its here it will take you some time to recover but you’ll be ok. Moral of this point is  this is real. Think about it, you tell somebody you love them and they truly love you, you just screwed up their life for like a year.

2. Broken heart= Love sick: Have you ever came across a person that is just sick from a love they thought was real? No you haven’t? You’re a liar. But anyway, it involves tears and lack of eating or over eating or shutting down. Being sick from love is almost like actually being sick. You don’t wanna talk. You don’t want to hug anybody because you’re holding in all your tears and the moment somebody asks you if you’re ok or hug yo ass you explode. The only thing that can ease the pain is the person that left you. The person that walk away from your ass and made you feel this way in the first place. You’ve cried so hard you have a head ache and all you can do is damn sleep. Its an ache that you can explain, that drugs cant heal, well not any pain meds anyway. Then to think you’re going through all this shit cause your heart is broken and you have to figure out how your life will continue with out them.

3. Love is real: Now this one is particularly for you dick heads in my generation. You guys post stuff on social networks calling love a damn STD and staying you don’t want to catch it and blah blah blah, grow up! First off you’re talking about love is an STD, lets talk about the gonochlamydasyphi you go swimming around in your damn draws cause you just can’t be loyal to one person. It pisses me off to see that people my age have given up on love. But not just love, they’ve given up on black love. Now thats no shade to interracial relationships. I love my white friend TC lol i mean she is the whitest black person I know. Love actually happens in the black community. I have a couple married people on my social networks and they are happily married, they genuinely love each other. You idiots want it but are so afraid to get your freaking feelings hurt that you shun the whole idea. So let me put into your head that love actually happens. It takes time, development and dodging a few baby mommas and boogawoofs but it happens. If you’re in a rush to be with somebody, kill yourself cause you don’t love you. Its real and its a weapon. Stop abusing the damn word and save it for somebody who actually deserves it and maybe the shit might work out for you.

Now honestly some of y’all may not like this post. Some of you won’t share it. You make think its stupid. Guess what I don’t care, this is whats real. Stop playing games with peoples feelings and emotions and maybe somebody will stop playing with yours.

On that note, Im out