Too Far To Be Faithful?

What up!

Just so you under stand I’m posting every Monday. Give you suckas time to read it. The more you read the more I post that’s kinda how this works. So y’all enjoying this rainy day? All cuddle up with bae watching cartoons? Well that’s cute and shit but some of us don’t get to enjoy that luxury. Now don’t go off the deep end thinking a shorty got dumped in one week. Chill it ain’t about to be that. How many of y’all are in a long distance relationship? When I say long distance I don’t mean, your shorty live 15-20 minutes away and you don’t have a car. I mean you guys are 2 hours plus away, both of you work so seeing each other get complicated. Today we talking about it. We sharing a few dos and maybe some don’t when you’re in a long distance relationship. Can anybody guess whats coming next? Anyone? That’s right its a freaking list(in my dear Ashley voice). Oh wait I’m sorry. Some of y’all know nothing about that. Shout to everybody who watched All That in the 90’s

1. Communication is key. Understand that you are not in the same area. You don’t get to see them everyday, you don’t go home to that person. So the least you can do is make sure they hear from you. Now this in particular is for my ladies. Cause one thing we good at is getting an attitude and expecting him to just know. That man ain’t Miss Cleo, he can’t read your mind and he isnt there to see your face. So don’t pick up the phone screaming and yelling like he know exactly what he did. You are a damn adult! Don’t start that pouting like a child shit and through a tantrum. You were given a mouth so use yo damn words. It’s that simple. Don’t know how let’s have a crash course. Repeat after me “Baby you pissed me off when you……” now you say it “And i feel like………” now you say it. See that wasnt hard. It was calm and I’m 100% sure you just avoided an argument off some dumb shit.

2. DO NOT ENTERTAIN OTHER HOES. Now this shit here will get you caught up. Dudes you’re not the only ones who do it so this goes for everybody. Don’t sit there and make somebody else feel special knowing you in a relationship. I mean shit this common sense for any relationship. Now ladies this isn’t and excuse for you to go tell your man he can’t be friends with Shaniqua no more. All I’m saying is there shouldn’t be a place holder for your man/girl there shouldn’t be somebody that you spend time will all the time back home. You giving them way to much attention. Then that hoe going to thing you like them. Now you got a bigger problem on your hands. Have friends, friends are cool. On lonely night they chill and keep you company. You better not cuddle with that friend, kiss on that friend or give that friend any impression of anything else.  You always have the option of hanging with friends of the same-sex I mean that will keep you out loads of trouble.

3. Trust. This one simple word will make or break everything your relationship stands for. I know y’all hear all the song quotes ” you can’t love someone unless you trust em” and a shit tone of other ones. Don’t act like y’all don’t know them cause i seen all of y’all post at least one on instagram, Facebook, and twitter. So lie if you want to. But any who, those things are true. Y’all  be yelling ” I true Rayquan, that’s bae I love him” but as soon as Rayquan walked through the damn door ” Rayquan let me see that damn phone”. I’m sorry but I’m not going though no phone that OD. Anything that anyone does I will always find put and a cell phone isn’t going to be the way I do it. Trust is everything in a relationship. If you don’t have trust, all you truly have is a friend with benefits that you call bae. Females kill me with though always yelling “you can’t trust these ninjas, they aint shit”. Hell half y’all females aint shit either! These dudes need to be telling y’all aint shit. They can’t trust y’all like you can’t trust them and 95% of them time its y’all fault they act they way they do. But don’t listen to me I’m just a woman I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about.

I say all that to say, just cause you far away don’t mean you don’t have to be faithful. Long distance relationships allow you to get to know who you’re with. This generation so hooked on sex that y’all forget what a relationship stands for. You can’t progress with someone if you don’t know who they are. That’s point-blank period. Now I gotta get ready for work in this freaking rain


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