Unconditional or Fictional

What up fools! Happy New Year. Obvisouly my New Year’s resolution was to get back to doing what I do best! Being your favorite part of the morning. Well afternoon now. Of course there will be some changes around here, everything wont be relationship based but if that’s how you guys want me to keep it let me know. You read this, so your opinion does matter. Now let me say this in a way y’all understand. If I ask y’all opinion or ask y’all to select the next topic DO IT! Dont look at the damn post and say nothing. But anyway let’s get into this blog bruh.

So this morning I text my man, yes butt heads I said my man. The kid is not longer on the market (hits Shmoney Dance) but i asked my man what I should blog about. His ass replies unconditional love. Now usually i would shoot him with the bae WTF text. Not today, cause some of y’all don’t know the difference between unconditional love or fictional love but its cool we getting ready to talk about it. Its crazy though cause people now days are so quick to be like “Oh he love me. That’s bae” or “Nah I’ll do anything for her that’s my bae”. Again don’t trip cause we about to talk about it. y’all know what my favorite method is……….KIDS YOU GUEST IT A MU FUH LIST!

1.Meterialistic shit is not love! Oh you thought I wasn’t going to slip a curse word in here or two. Kill yourself. Any who, just cause somebody buy you the world don’t mean they love you. In some cases they just be wanting you to shut up. I’ve seen this happen plenty of damn times. “Oh I’ma buy her these Jays cause she mad at me and I know she want em.” First off if you dropping more than $80 dollars on shoes for somebody that you’re not married to, sorry my friiiiieeeend(in my indian voice) but you are a damn idiot. Cause soon as shorty leave yo ass she going to bag a new dude in them damn Jays yo stupid ass bought. *sips tea* But that’s not of my business. On top of that, gifts could be guilt gifts. You walking around with them ” I’m cheating you so here go something to make you look pretty, cause you look a fool out here in these streets” earrings. Now don’t get me wrong I do for my man just like he do for me but we arent built on meterialistic shit! We grind together. Just because he pay 300 to install your weave dont mean he love you girl remember that. Just cause she got ouy her bed at 2:00am to stand in line for some damn shoes don’t mean shit. Well it does mean something, she damn crazy or you must be good at whatever it is you doing.

2.Socail Media posting is not love! Ok now don’t get me wrong its cute to be your man’s WCW, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this that means Women Crush Wednesday. It’s also a good feeling when your girl post you as her MCM or Man Crush Monday, for my non social medalist. I mean yea that’s cute it feels good, but that don’t mean shit! Now let’s be real I’m sure most of y’all, ok all of y’all follow me on social media and I post half ass pictures of my dude. His shoulder, his arm, his back stuff like that, it’s not cause im ashamed of him but I’m not about to flood y’all damn timeline with his pics cause i love him. Y’all don’t care if I love him, hell half you dudes waiting for me to say I’m single so y’all can slide in my DM’s. Honestly I wont name names but some of y’all already in there. But listen to me my generation, it don’t mean a damn thing cause you on the profile pic or on the wall paper or on the age at all. Cause just like you up there it can be a new girl or dude up there tomorrow. Just saying.

3.Calling somebody Bae don’t mean they love you! Ugh that shit kills me. “That’s bae though” understand you can be bae today and a stranger tomorrow. Just cause he call you bae don’t mean you his girl friend and vis a versa. Lol I call D Rose and Troy Polamalu be all the damn  time and neither of they asses want me. They don’t call me, they don’t text me, hell I can’t even get a ticket to a game. Do I get called babe? Yes! I do. But i also get introduced as his girl, his old lady( that’s that country bull) or his girl friends. If he not introducing you with a title, y’all not even together so you know damn well he don’t love yo ass! Females do the same thing y’all aint no different. Y’all just change the tittle in front of company. ” Oh y’all this my best friend Elijah” girl stop it lol. Nobody new to this. If you getting  called bae behind closed doors  understand it’s not just you. Y’all going to learn one day.

Moral of this damn story is y’all living in Disney land with Mickey Mouse and Minnie with these situationships. Unconditional love is none of the stuff I just listed. It’s knowing you have a support system. Knowing somebody is there for you in times of good and bad. How do you expect to be with somebody when they on top but you weren’t there to help get them there. Unconditional love is knowing the circumstances and choosing to stay regardless. But y’all don’t hear me though. Y’all will understand when I hit you with this long distance blog tomorrow.

Well I’m off to go get this money.


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