I’m Baaaaaaack!

Soooo what up America!

Did you miss me? Yea shut up lying I don’t have time for that. Just kidding. So of course I took some time off because I’m human, things got chaotic, so I took sometime off. But how long did you think you could go without my disrespectful mouth on your TL. Not too long huh?

Now on to today’s topic!

Now I know some of you saw my Facebook status about they way people are dressing these kids. Yes today I’m talking to you about your damn kids. Do I have kids? No! I don’t but I’ve been around enough kids to know that they shouldn’t be dressed like future drug dealers and baby pole dancers of America. Of course it’s soooo cute right? Don’t worry I’ll tell you why it’s not
*does Bobby Shamurda dance* I wrote this list about a weeeeeek ago week ago.

1. THEY ARE KIDS! I’m not sure about yall but I was born in the 90’s when belly shirts and bandeaus got on the scene. Hell I was there when Brittany Spears took that button up and tied it up to her breast. But do you think at the age of 11 Yvonne (my mommy) let walk out the house like that. Ummmmm hell no! Because I was a child. Kids use to wear stuff crazy color sweaters with teddy bears on them, Spider-Man shirts and Barney scrunchies. These kids dressed like Ciarra in the damn “Ride It” video. The hell? That’s ok?

2. Image is everything: like I said earlier people have their kids out here dressed like future drug dealers and baby pole dancers of America. I don’t understand how people don’t relate what their kids where and what they see to how they act. Personally I feel like you can’t blame society for the way you raise your kids. But then again if you’re letting society raise them then what do you expect. Yes kids watch things on TV and have their favorite celebrities and want to be like them. As a parent you need to draw the line. At some point you daughter needs to understand that at the age of nine crop tops and leggings are inappropriate for her age. Somebody has to explain to your ten year old son that nobody wants to see his underwear. Hell it’s already a hard time explaining that to a grown ass man.

I mean I’ll get off my high horse today cause I don’t have kids. But I know when I do have them they will be dressed like kids. I’m not saying the name brand stuff is wrong but dressing 3 year old like he’s 23 is not a good look. If you dress these kids like the adult figures they see they will begin to emulate these adult figures. Then stuff will start to get real.

Love ,peace and hair grease people. I need to get my day started


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