Dark Skin VS Light Skin: The Battle?

So it’s not Monday. But this blog topic was specially requested. And honestly somebody should have suggested it sooner.

Now here is a question for you guys. When a person of another race sees a light skin or dark skin person, what do they consider them? If you said African American then you my friend are correct. Here is another question. When a light skin person sees a dark skin person, what do they consider them? Don’t know?

Well the answer should have been African American or Black whatever you feel suites you. For some odd reason “Light Skin” and “Dark Skin” have become a race. Instead of us all just being a race as a whole. Let’s get into this shall we:

1. This sequesters are race: don’t know what sequester means? Let’s turn in our dictionary to the S section. I would explain but I don’t have time. But back on subject. Y’all dick wads single handedly took an entire race and made it two. Last time I check your ancestors and mine, regardless the skin color, went through the same shit! Have you read black history. It’s BLACK HISTORY. It isn’t “Dark Skin History Month” or “Light Skin History Month” it’s BLACK! Damn I don’t think y’all get what the hell y’all are doing to our people alone or do y’all not care?

2. Y’all put one color over the other: the same people that’s yelling equality for gay rights can’t even give a person that’s a lighter skin tone the same treatment. Like I don’t think people understand how stupid they sound when they say “Oh that’s some light skin shit.” Now I’m going to be adult about mine. I have said it but never will I ever chose a light skin person of a dark skin person. Y’all so damn foolish. Again to everyone that sees us we are all black so what’s the real difference.

3. Do y’all not know you ruin dating in our race: oh you didn’t think of it that way huh? I bet you didn’t! I get so sick of people say “Oh there’s no good black men” “Good black women don’t exist.” They do. Funny thing is y’all so against a light skin person or a dark skin person that y’all miss out on black love. Then y’all say stupid shit like “Oh she pretty for a dark skin girl” or “He not light skin so he can’t have my number.” You look like complete ass heads. Your downing your own race. You better appreciate that your race before somebody else does. Cause there’s a plethora of people who would want these black beauties.

I’m just being honest. But y’all don’t hear me though.

Time to go get this money.


One thought on “Dark Skin VS Light Skin: The Battle?

  1. Thanks god for you lol I hated this whole phase “black” people been doing smh you should do one for these trends these little kids doing. Example, setting yourself on fire, and that cut off oxygen thing, and all those other fads that the younger generation are doing

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