Flaws and All?

What’s going on and stuff yall.
Happy belated Father’s Day to all the real ninjas and the dead beats. Just cause you don’t take care of your kids don’t mean they arent yours.

Now there is something I want to get into today. Here’s a question,  you ever meet somebody and you’re acting other than yourself to impress them?  If you answered yes, I got news for you, you dumb as all hell. Reason being is because why would you act like this person that you’re not. What if they fall for who you were pretending to be. Thats not who you are right. This goes for relationship and friendships. Faking for the photo can be potentially dangerous and here is why:

1. You can’t keep up the image: now I don’t know about you but it takes to much work to be someone else. You have to remember who you pretend to be all the time. Females are good for this shit. They run around acting all giddy go lucky all the time. They act like they have no flaws. News flash stupid. Nobody’s perfect and trying to be something you aren’t take waaaaaaay to much time. Eventually youre going to open your mouth and the damn truth will fly right out and then what. You’re sitting there looking and begging for someone to forgive you for damn faking.

2. Your true colors WILL show:  this pretty much refers to being in a relationship. Now let’s just say you pretending to be that you’re not some jealous, psyco, stalker ass person. Then you get with your shorty and one day he don’t respond to your text. You flip out, next thing you know you’re ridimg around town calling and looking for his ass acting all out of character and shit. Then what. What are you going to tell him. See that right there is why dudes don’t get in relationships now. You act one way while yall talking. Then you turn into some ole crazy hoe he dont recognize. Then yall runing around yelling “There are no real men in this world” there are real men out here. They’re hiding from ypu costum wearing ass crazy women.

3. You look insecure as shit: now im not about to go knee deep about being insecure. Ive already wrote a blog about it. But I will say this,  half of yall ran dudes off cause you’re not happy with you. Get your life together. We are all grown, if you’re not confident and comfortable with yourself by now then you got major problems.

I say all that to say this: if you can’t burp, fart, make funny voices or just be you in front of whoever, whenever, wherever then its too late for you. I love being me aint no shame in my game. Somebody loves the goofy, tomboy, random asshole that I am. Yall need to much approval out here.

Im out.


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