Social Networkships: Grow Up

Good morning my fellow Americans.  So there are going to be some blog changes around here obviously. Just a heads up ill post a new blog every Monday. I know, I know my mouth is so disrespectful that you need a pinch of it to get your day started but you suckas aint paying any bills around here. Love yall though. Mean it.

Now what I want to get into today is you social networkships. Don’t know what that is don’t trip. I’ll tell you. A social networkship is that dumb ass thing that you dudes and females created. Because some way down the line yall let Facebook, Twitter and Instagram define your relationship. Yall let relationship statuses, names in bios and damn pictures determine what your relationship means or signifies. So here is why that crap is stupid. *drum roll for list*

1. Putting on a show proves nothing: just because you post pictures of your man/girl that don’t mean nothing. Like lets be honest here. You can have a private relationship without it being a secret. All of yall claim to be grown men and women. Let you not be that Man Crush Monday or that Women Crush Wednesday. All hell break lose and now yall arguing cause he/she isn’t showing you off. So you mad or nah? My personal opinion if my dude posts one picture of me on any social network I’m fine with that. I’m not tripping. On the real yall sound real insecure being mad about a MCM or a WCW its just a picture.

2. Just like celebrity relationships WE DONT CARE: now this is what I mean. I don’t care about Beyonce and Jay-Z every move. I don’t care if Future and Ciara had their baby. I don’t give a damn who was at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Now if I dont care about that stuff why do you think I give a damn about what you and bae doing Sunday through Saturday. Now I’m not a jealous or fake friend. I’m happy for you guys a picture every now and again is cool. But every damn day. Yall picstiches don’t mean shit! Nothing its greay you guys are happy but again if you tripping off some “Why I’m not on your Facebook or your Instagram” type ish. I need you to grow your ass up. Yall to old for that like for real

3. You can keep your relationship private without it being a secret: Now listen clearly. I’m not saying that putting a picture up or a post or a tweet every now and again isn’t bad. But everyday is a little excessive. We’ll all know when yall arent together anymore. Cause yall stop posting tweeting posting. Then yall be the first ones talkimg about “People always in my damn business” well if you didnt put your damn business out in the open we wouldn’t be in it.

Now I have a job to get to and bills to pay. Thank yall for rocking with me. I appreciate the love and support. Drop your comment for blog topics.

Im out hoes


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