Le Side Chick

I been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off goons in the club case something jump off

Que pasa America. Yea yea yea I know im waaay over due for one of these. But understand that I’m a real person with real person problems. Ya digg. So anyway lets take today to talk about your favorite subject and mine. The infamous Side Chick. Yes that’s right I said it. The Side Chick. Now if you’re someone who just got offended its not my fault that you are the side chick. I would say these are the pros and cons of having a side chick. But honestly what good comes outta entertaining two females.

1. Its too much work: Now most of yall think you got it down pack. You can handle two chicks and be good. But lets take into consideration that you have to hide the side chick from your main chick. That meams deleting texts messages and phone calls and crazy shit like that. Changing the password on your phone every two weeks cause she figures it out. Hell having a side chick is almost like having a full time job with benefits and no damn pay. Who has time! But yall are cool with this cause you getting the best of both worlds huh?

2. You WILL get caught up: a female knows when some shit ain’t right. Your phone laying face down now. You change positions when you get text message. Oh yeah she sees it. She isnt saying anything but she sees. And I soon as you think you pulling one over on her Is when she pop you in the face like Ike did Tina and you sitting there looking dumb. Like you don’t know what the hell you did. Ole dumb ass.

Now this is more so a comment then a poing but since this is my blog and I do what I want. Its a point

3. If you’re the side chick: Now first of all you as the side chick look stupid. Cause side chicks usually know that they are on the side. You are not the main shorty so of course you know you dont come first. It’s not about you. And for you to be ok with that makes you look dumer than Olivia Pope. But most of you side chicks love her anyway don’t you. She is like the side chick queen. But at least she make moves. Only moves yall make are wrecking people’s home.

Now again. If you took offense to this. Thats your own fault not mine. You have a good day. I have things to do


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