Dark Skin VS Light Skin: The Battle?

So it’s not Monday. But this blog topic was specially requested. And honestly somebody should have suggested it sooner.

Now here is a question for you guys. When a person of another race sees a light skin or dark skin person, what do they consider them? If you said African American then you my friend are correct. Here is another question. When a light skin person sees a dark skin person, what do they consider them? Don’t know?

Well the answer should have been African American or Black whatever you feel suites you. For some odd reason “Light Skin” and “Dark Skin” have become a race. Instead of us all just being a race as a whole. Let’s get into this shall we:

1. This sequesters are race: don’t know what sequester means? Let’s turn in our dictionary to the S section. I would explain but I don’t have time. But back on subject. Y’all dick wads single handedly took an entire race and made it two. Last time I check your ancestors and mine, regardless the skin color, went through the same shit! Have you read black history. It’s BLACK HISTORY. It isn’t “Dark Skin History Month” or “Light Skin History Month” it’s BLACK! Damn I don’t think y’all get what the hell y’all are doing to our people alone or do y’all not care?

2. Y’all put one color over the other: the same people that’s yelling equality for gay rights can’t even give a person that’s a lighter skin tone the same treatment. Like I don’t think people understand how stupid they sound when they say “Oh that’s some light skin shit.” Now I’m going to be adult about mine. I have said it but never will I ever chose a light skin person of a dark skin person. Y’all so damn foolish. Again to everyone that sees us we are all black so what’s the real difference.

3. Do y’all not know you ruin dating in our race: oh you didn’t think of it that way huh? I bet you didn’t! I get so sick of people say “Oh there’s no good black men” “Good black women don’t exist.” They do. Funny thing is y’all so against a light skin person or a dark skin person that y’all miss out on black love. Then y’all say stupid shit like “Oh she pretty for a dark skin girl” or “He not light skin so he can’t have my number.” You look like complete ass heads. Your downing your own race. You better appreciate that your race before somebody else does. Cause there’s a plethora of people who would want these black beauties.

I’m just being honest. But y’all don’t hear me though.

Time to go get this money.


Flaws and All?

What’s going on and stuff yall.
Happy belated Father’s Day to all the real ninjas and the dead beats. Just cause you don’t take care of your kids don’t mean they arent yours.

Now there is something I want to get into today. Here’s a question,  you ever meet somebody and you’re acting other than yourself to impress them?  If you answered yes, I got news for you, you dumb as all hell. Reason being is because why would you act like this person that you’re not. What if they fall for who you were pretending to be. Thats not who you are right. This goes for relationship and friendships. Faking for the photo can be potentially dangerous and here is why:

1. You can’t keep up the image: now I don’t know about you but it takes to much work to be someone else. You have to remember who you pretend to be all the time. Females are good for this shit. They run around acting all giddy go lucky all the time. They act like they have no flaws. News flash stupid. Nobody’s perfect and trying to be something you aren’t take waaaaaaay to much time. Eventually youre going to open your mouth and the damn truth will fly right out and then what. You’re sitting there looking and begging for someone to forgive you for damn faking.

2. Your true colors WILL show:  this pretty much refers to being in a relationship. Now let’s just say you pretending to be that you’re not some jealous, psyco, stalker ass person. Then you get with your shorty and one day he don’t respond to your text. You flip out, next thing you know you’re ridimg around town calling and looking for his ass acting all out of character and shit. Then what. What are you going to tell him. See that right there is why dudes don’t get in relationships now. You act one way while yall talking. Then you turn into some ole crazy hoe he dont recognize. Then yall runing around yelling “There are no real men in this world” there are real men out here. They’re hiding from ypu costum wearing ass crazy women.

3. You look insecure as shit: now im not about to go knee deep about being insecure. Ive already wrote a blog about it. But I will say this,  half of yall ran dudes off cause you’re not happy with you. Get your life together. We are all grown, if you’re not confident and comfortable with yourself by now then you got major problems.

I say all that to say this: if you can’t burp, fart, make funny voices or just be you in front of whoever, whenever, wherever then its too late for you. I love being me aint no shame in my game. Somebody loves the goofy, tomboy, random asshole that I am. Yall need to much approval out here.

Im out.

Social Networkships: Grow Up

Good morning my fellow Americans.  So there are going to be some blog changes around here obviously. Just a heads up ill post a new blog every Monday. I know, I know my mouth is so disrespectful that you need a pinch of it to get your day started but you suckas aint paying any bills around here. Love yall though. Mean it.

Now what I want to get into today is you social networkships. Don’t know what that is don’t trip. I’ll tell you. A social networkship is that dumb ass thing that you dudes and females created. Because some way down the line yall let Facebook, Twitter and Instagram define your relationship. Yall let relationship statuses, names in bios and damn pictures determine what your relationship means or signifies. So here is why that crap is stupid. *drum roll for list*

1. Putting on a show proves nothing: just because you post pictures of your man/girl that don’t mean nothing. Like lets be honest here. You can have a private relationship without it being a secret. All of yall claim to be grown men and women. Let you not be that Man Crush Monday or that Women Crush Wednesday. All hell break lose and now yall arguing cause he/she isn’t showing you off. So you mad or nah? My personal opinion if my dude posts one picture of me on any social network I’m fine with that. I’m not tripping. On the real yall sound real insecure being mad about a MCM or a WCW its just a picture.

2. Just like celebrity relationships WE DONT CARE: now this is what I mean. I don’t care about Beyonce and Jay-Z every move. I don’t care if Future and Ciara had their baby. I don’t give a damn who was at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Now if I dont care about that stuff why do you think I give a damn about what you and bae doing Sunday through Saturday. Now I’m not a jealous or fake friend. I’m happy for you guys a picture every now and again is cool. But every damn day. Yall picstiches don’t mean shit! Nothing its greay you guys are happy but again if you tripping off some “Why I’m not on your Facebook or your Instagram” type ish. I need you to grow your ass up. Yall to old for that like for real

3. You can keep your relationship private without it being a secret: Now listen clearly. I’m not saying that putting a picture up or a post or a tweet every now and again isn’t bad. But everyday is a little excessive. We’ll all know when yall arent together anymore. Cause yall stop posting tweeting posting. Then yall be the first ones talkimg about “People always in my damn business” well if you didnt put your damn business out in the open we wouldn’t be in it.

Now I have a job to get to and bills to pay. Thank yall for rocking with me. I appreciate the love and support. Drop your comment for blog topics.

Im out hoes

Le Side Chick

I been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jump off goons in the club case something jump off

Que pasa America. Yea yea yea I know im waaay over due for one of these. But understand that I’m a real person with real person problems. Ya digg. So anyway lets take today to talk about your favorite subject and mine. The infamous Side Chick. Yes that’s right I said it. The Side Chick. Now if you’re someone who just got offended its not my fault that you are the side chick. I would say these are the pros and cons of having a side chick. But honestly what good comes outta entertaining two females.

1. Its too much work: Now most of yall think you got it down pack. You can handle two chicks and be good. But lets take into consideration that you have to hide the side chick from your main chick. That meams deleting texts messages and phone calls and crazy shit like that. Changing the password on your phone every two weeks cause she figures it out. Hell having a side chick is almost like having a full time job with benefits and no damn pay. Who has time! But yall are cool with this cause you getting the best of both worlds huh?

2. You WILL get caught up: a female knows when some shit ain’t right. Your phone laying face down now. You change positions when you get text message. Oh yeah she sees it. She isnt saying anything but she sees. And I soon as you think you pulling one over on her Is when she pop you in the face like Ike did Tina and you sitting there looking dumb. Like you don’t know what the hell you did. Ole dumb ass.

Now this is more so a comment then a poing but since this is my blog and I do what I want. Its a point

3. If you’re the side chick: Now first of all you as the side chick look stupid. Cause side chicks usually know that they are on the side. You are not the main shorty so of course you know you dont come first. It’s not about you. And for you to be ok with that makes you look dumer than Olivia Pope. But most of you side chicks love her anyway don’t you. She is like the side chick queen. But at least she make moves. Only moves yall make are wrecking people’s home.

Now again. If you took offense to this. Thats your own fault not mine. You have a good day. I have things to do