PSA: Cuffin Season Is Over

You missed me? Yea right you’re a liar!
Nah just kidding.

Anyway, first on my list congrats to the class of 2014! Welcome to club Alumni where the jobs are slim and the damn bills keep coming. Second congrats to everybody who made it through the damn semester breath its the summertime. Speaking of summer how many of yall dumped shorty you was cuddling with over the winter time? Oh you did? Thats cool. Yeap of you havent caught on yetnwe are about to get into the pros and cons of the end”Cuffin Season”. Now most of yall sitting there thinking there are no cons, you got what you needed so you out! Right?

1. Cuffin isn’t a damn season: if you’re going to be with somebody be with them! Don’t have them hanging on to your every word throughout the damn winter. Then once the weather break amd the Thots come out to play you wanna leave her. Where were thots when you needed somebody to be there for your ass and you was going through stuff. Yall got shit confused. If you just wanted somebody to smash and pass for the winter, you should have been looking for the rachet hoes not somebodh thats willing to ride for you. Ugh ima keep repeating myself until you dummies get it.

2.  You free to go: I mean on the plus side you’re a free agent. You can do whatever you wanna do. Nobody to piss you off. Nobody to answer to. I mean I dont know about yall but there wont be too many people telling me what to do where to go and how long to be there. But then again I don’t have that issue. Thats call cause nobody can trust your ass you too sneaky. But most people likr their freedom. Isnt that why half of yall single anyway.

3. You’re going to need a new “cuff buddy”: Now I never had to find a cuff buddy but im sure that process is a hell of a lot of work. Hell I seen the applications lol its like applying for a part time postion out here in these streets. You check resumes too? But still you gotta make surepeople ain’t crazy. Cause crazy people don’t understand what the hell temporary means. Then you gotta make sure they dont run they mouth and all kinds of shit. And all this could be avoided if you do one of two things. One dont get a cuff buddy, get you a damn friend with benefits. You can’t go wrong with that. I mean hell yall friends and sometimes yall sink each others battle ship loo there is nothing wrong with that. Two you coyld just get a damn girlfriend or boyfriend. Its a lot easier that way. Id rather have a sure thing them have to run from some psyco every six months. Im cool on that.

But anyway if thats what yall into I’m cool with it.
Im out


No Title: The Back Story

I was texting TC last night and what we talked about kinda got me thinking. Sometimes you just need somebody in your life that gets it. That understands. They get that you need their company and thier companionship but don’t want a tittle. I get that for a woman a title signifies everything a title makes it real. But nimrods instead of jumping down their throats about not wanting to be with you look at the actual situation. There could be plenty of reasons

1. They just want your company: some people don’t want to be your gf or your bf. They don’t want to be yours. Hell they probably just like being around your ass and on occasion you let him grt the box. Oh well. So nine times out of 10 if he saying or she saying “Hey I just dont want you” they honestly dont want you. They probably just wanna be your friend. So stop trying to push yourself on them. You look stupid and desperate. And trust me it aint cute. You’ll lose a friend. And if you that beat for a boyfriend I heard Match, Eharmony, Christian Mingle and Black People me have some desperate people just like you.

2. They may not be ready: now I know a few peoole that can agree with this. One of those people being myself. Sometimes you just arent ready. Its not the easiest thing in the world when you’re blessed with the right person at the wrong time. But if thats the case don’t just keep dragging them along and not explain it to them. Its ok to not be ready. Some peoole get that. And if they really understand they are going to ride for you until you are. And thats real.

3. TITLES COMPLICATE SHIT SOMETIMES: this is mainly for females. You heffas get this girlfriend title and start acting like a whole new person. You change cause you’re their girlfriend.  You are not the female you were when you met him. Nobody wants to date a stranger. Most females feel like they need to be extra or do more just cause he officially yours and that honestly don’t meam shit. You’re boyfriend and girlfriend not husband and wife. Its going to be nothing for him to dump that ass and keep it pushing. Always remember, when they say its cheaper to keep her they aint talkin about no spoiled ass girlfriend

Now I got shit to do. Later.