Love: Rated RR for The Ready and the Real

Sup young bros

Today i wanna get into something that most of you terd captains are afraid of. Lets talk about LOVE. Yes love, the big ole four letter word that makes dudes shit bricks and makes chick sick. People take the word LOVE and just throw it around and all kinds of shit. Dudes take it and use it to their advantage. Yup, they get whatever they want from females cause she love them. Suck these you aint getting shit from me. Love is what makes females expectation so high. You love her so she expect more from you and all you want is the lock off pandora’s box. Love freaking complicates a lot of things. So i have no idea where I’m going with this ( i wouldn’t be me if i wasn’t telling the truth) but we are going to run with it. Things you need to know about love:

1. It is NOT a game: Love is not something you play with. People’s feelings and emotions get caught up in the word love. If you don’t mean that shit don’t say it. Think about it like this, love is like a loaded gun and you’re the one holding it. Everybody knows about gun shot wounds. You can get grazed by a bullet, the bullet can go straight through you(and you’re fine) or you can get shot and be dead on sight. Some people get touched by love but its just a touch, meaning if shit go wrong they walking away from that shit just fine. They aren’t phased by it. Love can get into your mind, now if its here it will take you some time to recover but you’ll be ok. Moral of this point is  this is real. Think about it, you tell somebody you love them and they truly love you, you just screwed up their life for like a year.

2. Broken heart= Love sick: Have you ever came across a person that is just sick from a love they thought was real? No you haven’t? You’re a liar. But anyway, it involves tears and lack of eating or over eating or shutting down. Being sick from love is almost like actually being sick. You don’t wanna talk. You don’t want to hug anybody because you’re holding in all your tears and the moment somebody asks you if you’re ok or hug yo ass you explode. The only thing that can ease the pain is the person that left you. The person that walk away from your ass and made you feel this way in the first place. You’ve cried so hard you have a head ache and all you can do is damn sleep. Its an ache that you can explain, that drugs cant heal, well not any pain meds anyway. Then to think you’re going through all this shit cause your heart is broken and you have to figure out how your life will continue with out them.

3. Love is real: Now this one is particularly for you dick heads in my generation. You guys post stuff on social networks calling love a damn STD and staying you don’t want to catch it and blah blah blah, grow up! First off you’re talking about love is an STD, lets talk about the gonochlamydasyphi you go swimming around in your damn draws cause you just can’t be loyal to one person. It pisses me off to see that people my age have given up on love. But not just love, they’ve given up on black love. Now thats no shade to interracial relationships. I love my white friend TC lol i mean she is the whitest black person I know. Love actually happens in the black community. I have a couple married people on my social networks and they are happily married, they genuinely love each other. You idiots want it but are so afraid to get your freaking feelings hurt that you shun the whole idea. So let me put into your head that love actually happens. It takes time, development and dodging a few baby mommas and boogawoofs but it happens. If you’re in a rush to be with somebody, kill yourself cause you don’t love you. Its real and its a weapon. Stop abusing the damn word and save it for somebody who actually deserves it and maybe the shit might work out for you.

Now honestly some of y’all may not like this post. Some of you won’t share it. You make think its stupid. Guess what I don’t care, this is whats real. Stop playing games with peoples feelings and emotions and maybe somebody will stop playing with yours.

On that note, Im out



One thought on “Love: Rated RR for The Ready and the Real

  1. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp. I must say that word love can get some one killed. As of right now the only person i used that word on is my son. Its going take alot for someone to get that word out of me..

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