It Is Always Easier Said Then Done

Long time no see huh?

So i tried to give you guys the opportunity to pick my next topic. Of course few responded and brought up stuff i know nothing about. So yea thanks for that. You are all a great effing help. I’m just going to go for what I know. Now what i do know is things are easier said then done. Im sure all of you have heard it before. When you’re dealing with a person and your friends says “Let that bullshit go.” You look over and you give them the “stfu you’ve been here before” look. I don’t know how much I can go into detail but we are about to find out.

1.Emotional investments: Now everything isn’t always about relationships, but that seems to be the only thing y’all understand. When someone puts their time and their effort into something or someone, its not the easiest thing to just walk away from. I swear females are the first to be like “Leave him/her/that shit alone, you don’t need that it aint worth it” What your friend is missing is how much time you put into this. How hard you worked on this. How hard you went for this. But again if they’re you’re real friend, they know. With that being said they know that is/he/she isn’t going to be the easiest thing to walk away from. Thats just like somebody saying they love something, if you love it they’re going to go back to it. Example I love writing and I love radio, nobody pays me to write these blogs. And what i do as far as radio is concerned i don’t get paid for that either. But i do it and without either one of them I’m not a person. So i cant just walk away. I have emotional tides and an emotional investment in this. Ed he bust his ass to make sure that he puts his blog out everyday. S/O to TeamFlat! When your heart is in something you cant just let it go. That goes for emotional investments in people. Its hard to just walk away from something that you put your feelings on the line for. You’re going to fight for it until you don’t have any fight left in your body. So if you’re a friend reading this, understand that they aren’t being stupid. What they are fighting for is what they want!

2. Time investments : People tend to forget that time is something you CAN NOT get back. Once your time is waisted its waisted. When you walk away from something you put not only your heart but your time into, it hurts almost as bad a when you drop your iPhone face down on the ground. You hesitate to pick that damn thing up, then you take your time flipping over only to find that your damn screen is shattered to pieces. Most people panic and go into damn cardiac arrest and shit over a phone screen. But that right there is how people feel about putting their time into something that didn’t go right or that broke them. Time is of the essence and you cant get it back. There is no time travel (that i know of). You can’t rewind time or take it back. So once you let it go, you’re forced to sit there and think about all the things you could have done and all the things you could have changed. Nobody wants to regret the time that they put into a project or a person. Thats a tough feeling and a deep hurt to have to heal from. 

3. Fear of leaving with nothing: I say this only because when you put time and your heart into something you don’t want to leave with nothing. When you work so hard and did so mush just to prove you’re worth it or to get where you want to be or to make something happen, having nothing is a huge ass let down. Trust me i know! As a woman or a man hell as a person, you go so hard for the things you want, and its so hard to watch it all go straight to nothing. Like nothing, you put out money, you missed out on opportunities, you missed out on family events for this ( now if you missed out on family events over a dude or a female you’re a certified DUMB ASS). When you think its something you’re working on to make you money or to build your brand and you aint got shit when its over, thats hard to walk away from. So yes its always easier said then damn done

If you’re a person who always use phrases like ” Just move on” or ” Leave him/her/it alone” do me a favor, shut yo ass up! You are a person who has never been through anything. My advice to you is to leave the people who go through shit on a regular a lone. Lets us deal with our shit, Cause clearly yo ass don’t know what its like to have your time waisted,your feelings crushed and work hard to have it all go to shit in the end. So to you i say have a damn seat


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