Take the Warning

Today I’ll be nice. How’s your morning? I’m not waiting for a response so…………. Today I’m dedicated this blog to all the dudes in America. You all seem not to believe females when they say things until you have to find out later. Don’t get what I mean? If a girl tells you she is crazy. Believe her,she is probably bat shit crazy. If she says you’ll never forget her believe her. Here’s why

1. She said it! The fact that a woman gives you a warning about her character lets you know she knows her flaws. Now most heffas are in such denial that it’s almost hilarious. “I’m not crazy, I just blew up his car cause I was mad” no stupid you’re crazy. No sane person is going to blow up a damn car cause they’re that damn mad. If she said it I’m sure it’s true. So even if you can’t see it take it into consideration

2. She is warning you: Some people aren’t that nice to give you a warning. They just let you find out stuff on your own. Don’t care about you young man. But if she opens her mouth to say “Hey I’m complicated for no reason” or ” I have an attitude from hell and I know how to use it” you might wanna make notes. Dudes say stuff like ” I wish girls came with instruction manuals.” Hell we come with caution labels that come out of our own mouth. You might wanna make sure you listen carefully or that my friend will be your fried ass.

3. It’s HER character: Now if it’s in a woman’s character to be honest, then ass hole maybe you should listen. If it’s in a woman’s character to be up front,honest, or blunt she is going to tell you all the things people don’t like about her. It’s not to push your ass away. It’s to make you understand what you see is not what you get. It’s simply pretty gift wrap to the maelstrom that is your love interest(Don’t know what maelstrom means I don’t care google it).

When it’s all said and done men. She will warn you. She isn’t warning you to scare the dog shit outta ya. She is warning you so you know what the hell your getting into. You dick heads should try it.

It’s time for my breakfast. I’m out!


2 thoughts on “Take the Warning

  1. 😂😂😂 this is so the truth.. You could warn and give examples of when you would get crazy and they still won’t believe you until they see it

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