Excuses Are…………..

Lets talk about excuses. You know the shit that comes out of your mouth when you come up with reasons as to why you can’t do shit. Yea those. People come up with a shit load of reasons as to why they can’t do the following:

1. Forgive: Now I have no damn idea why people can’t let shit go! You expect to be forgive for what you do. So why is it that you can’t just let things go! People say all they time “I can’t forgive him/her for what they did to me because……..” Because what, the sky is blue, the grass is green. Like what. What the hell can you think of. People in this world or even in this life don’t get that if you just left go of old shit things will be so much better. Let that shit go!

2. What you can’t do: Our generation refuses to take risks any more. “Oh I’m not going to apply for that I can’t. I don’t have the money.” Now this, I am a victim of. But the best part about growing up is learning to just do something. Even if it doesn’t work out for you. Don’t you wanna be able to say you did it. You say shit like “I wanna be somebody” you aren’t going to be anyone making excuses as to why you can’t do shit. Oprah made no excuses. Nether did Steve Harvey, and his ass slept in a car for a year. So all that shit coming out of your mouth is bullshit.

3. I’m single because: Now this one, this shit here is my favorite. I’m single cause ” I don’t wanna be like my parents” “I don’t know how to be a boyfriend/girlfriend” “I’m not ready.” All that is pure grade A bullshit! Be honest, you’re scared but who isn’t. Again people are scared to do shit every day but they do it and get where they wanna be in life. So all that I’m not pressed to get my feelings hurt, ima pimp big boy shit you talking. Shut it up. You look damn stupid. Stop making excuses.

The sad part is, some people are going to see the title of this and think about the Poem Excuses. If you know what the hell excuses are, Why the hell are you making them.

Have a good damn day!


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