Get a Real Fear Bruh

So everybody having a great morning, Yea i don’t care

Everybody is afraid of something right? Some people are afraid of the dark, snakes, heights ya know shit like that. If your afraid of that stuff a round of applause for you ass bag for having normal fears! You are not special. But in this case its a good thing. Now if you fear other shit, you know stuff thats going to happen anyway no matter how much you try and avoid it, you my friend are a dumb ass. Now lets talk about some of the stupid shit people fear and why its damn stupid!

1. Getting Hurt: Now i can talk shit about this cause I was truly afraid of getting my feelings hurt and having to be the person to pick up the piece all alone. Now if you’re my age and you’re afraid of getting hurt, heres a little secret. SUCK THAT SHIT UP! Getting your feelings hurt is apart of damn life! Ninjas and i do mean you dudes, they kill me. They say stupid shit like “I’m never going to love another female.” Because of this again a applaud women. Even after we have been emotionally bruised and battered by you lame ass dudes, we still try. Ugh that shit grinds my damn gears! Nobody wants to get hurt so nobody takes a risk. Let me put it this way, when you were a kid and you climbed on the monkey bars for the first time you weren’t afraid of falling. But when that ass tried to switch damn bars and hit the ground is shook you up. Didn’t it? Im sure it did, but you cleaned that dirt off your ass and climbed right back on those monkey bars didn’t you? Oh you didn’t? Then you my friend have been a punk since birth. Ol punk ass.

2. Change: You can not I repeat you can not fear something so simple as change! That shit happens every day! Everyday of your life will not be the same as the day before. Think about it, when i got my first cell phone i couldn’t do half the shit my iPhone can do. Hell the damn thing didn’t even have a camera on it. Shit changes technology changes, style changes, hell school changes so why should your life be any different. If you think the shit around you is going to change and is doesn’t affect you you’re a certified dumb ass and i don’t see how you mad sit through school. As a person you’re going to be put through some changes so why the hell are you scared. Change is like a damn man, you don’t predict the shit to go the way it goes but you deal with it. If you’re afraid of change then your stupid, it going to happen even if you don’t want it to. Accept the shit for what it is and continue with your sad ass life.

3. People fear shit the don’t known: Now explain this to me, how the hell are you afraid of the unknown? YOU DONT DAMN KNOW! I don’t get that. You cant be sacred of some shit you don’t know about. What the hell kinda sense does that make. “Oh I’m scared to get to know her cause i don’t know her” Hey captain dumb ass! Thats why they call it and adventure or the unknown! Because you don’t damn know! The best or the funniest or even the best stories come out of some unexpected shit! Trust me. Ive met so many people who just up and did shit and have so many stories to tell and they’re good ass stories! Now if you want some exciting shit to tell your grandkid that they can pass on to their grandkids yo scary ass gotta be willing to walk into some unknown shit! Sheesh, you never know the outcome. You are not God and i know yo ass can predict the future cause if you could you wouldn’t be such a punk ass all the time.

Ugh damn! Y’all done made me feel some type of way. Ima do some unknown shit this weekend and see what happens. In the mean time FYI: Your life damn sucks if you’re afraid of shit like this!

Im out


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