Bros Before Hoes: Its Under Your Control

I would say hi but i kinda don’t care today.

So before i go into this blog I need to make a disclaimer: The views of this blog is not to pin point anyone or to make anyone feel any type of way. But if you are offended then that is your own personal fault.

Now, how many of you guys have a friend that is in a relationship and they just cant juggle friends and their significant other. You know what i mean. The one that puts their relationship before their friends instead of trying to figure out how to blend the two! I mean most people feel their relationship and their friends should be separate, but what if you cant separate the two. Need help? Don’t trip

1. You need to personally know the difference: Now if you personally don’t know how to separate the relationships or blend them it causes issues. When you’re in a relationship (in my opinion) your significant other should respect your friendships. Now I’m not saying they have to like your friends. I mean in a perfect world it happens but we aren’t talking about a perfect world we’re talking about this world. Respect the fact that as the significant other you were there second. So just because you came into the picture doesn’t mean that you are more or less important then the friends are. But it also doesn’t mean that everything stops and or changes because yourre in the picture. People tend to forget that God didn’t stop making people when he made you. So everything doesn’t revolve around you.

2. Don’t get too tied up: Some people dive head first into relationships forgetting the people that were with them in the beginning. Or the people that will be there when that person dumps that ass and you’re in tears. Those are big HELL NOs. Why? Because when you dive head first you’re soley focused on that one person. You’re friends become what i like to call “back burners bitches”. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t look damn confused. Its the person you forget about and expect them to be there once the bullshit starts. Relationships both intimate and friendships require attention. And if you know you that your significant other won’t stand for that shit don’t force your friends to.

3. Remember who was there first: Long story short people. BROS BEFORE HOES! Regardless of what. Or at least until stuff get serious. Cause the rule in my circle is: Bros before hoes and if the hoes cant hang with the bros then the hoes gotta go. Don’t get what that means. If your significant other doesn’t fit in with your friends that means that you can not truly be acting like yourself in front of them first off. Cause if i cant be who i am with TC and Erica (which is when i am my true self) but that most of my friends, then aint no way in hell my dude is going to be with us. Cause he cant hang, and honestly if i cant be me he cant be around long. But then again, who’s fault is it really that you aren’t yourself around your guy.

Can you catch the pattern here. If you can’t separate you friends and relationship, if YOU cant bring your friends around your boo thang its YOUR fault. People like to blame the outsiders so that they don’t have to take responsibility for the things that fall apart around them. Take charge of YOUR shit. Control YOUR shit!

Thats all the hell I’m saying


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