Cross The Line?

So some of this weekends invents are the inspiration for todays blog. Oh you thought i was about to tell you about my weekend. lol Chill not gonna happen.

Any way, Now you guys have read my blogs about friends with benefits and relationships period, and if you haven’t you should be smacked. Any way, the issue at hand is, what happens when things spark between two best friends. Like what if your best friend touches you in a way he/she never has before, and what if you liked it? What happens if you see possessive signs, or you notice things feel just a little different. Do you talk to your best friend about it? Or do you play it out and see what happens? Now this like anything can either go absolutely great or you two shits can crash and burn and then your friendship is screwed. Let me help you dicks handle this effectively:

1. This is not a movie: Ninja this ain’t Brown Suga or none of those movies where the two best friend fall madly in love and live happily every after. Thats bullshit. Face reality, and the reality of the situation is it might work and it might not. Any relationship you get into, yo ass is taking a risk at getting hurt, shit working, or losing somebody. Just cause its your best friend or a close friend doesn’t make it any different. You gotta put in the same work. People think oh he my friend he already know how i am. Don’t assume that. They know your personality, not how you treat your significant other. So again your putting you and your friend emotions at risk.

2. Make sure you’re prepared for the possible: Don’t understand what i mean. When dating a friend you can either be married to your best friend and you guys be together for life. Or you to dick heads could end up in a big fight and yo ass will be sitting on the corner signing Cant Be Friends by damn Debora Cox. When friends date or have sex there needs to be a discussion. Y’all need to be prepared for a relationship to not work and you jerks still be friends. Now most FEMALES cant do that. I put females in caps cause you hoes suck at letting go of your ex. I mean damn y’all broke up let go. But any way, most people don’t date their friend cause they are afraid that things will change and they will lose their friend. If this is the step you guys wanna take then don’t be a damn child talk like adults( if you even know how to be and adult). This is why i cant stand when people say “Sex complicates things” I’m here to tell you NO THE HELL IT DONT. YOU AND YOUR DAMN FEELINGS COMPLICATES SHIT! People wanna be all lovely dovey all off some good loving. Im sorry but you gotta lay down the rules. Its simple, don’t get in your feelings and if you feel like you’re about to then you need to stop slapping damn skins with whoever the hell it is. You’re an offing adult! A grown ass person! Yo ass no when to call it quits with some shit. Get it the hell together! 

Now i won’t be long cause I’m kinda busy today. But if you’re thinking about giving your friend the business, YOLO give it to them. But be careful if you don’t wanna lose your friend you might wanna chill and just let your imagination roam. Cause if not you bound to fuck some shit up.


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