What About Your Friends?

Whats up people.

How many of you this morning can say that you have friends. Like real friends, you know the ones that will do anything for you. Show up at your events and support you. Come visit you where ever you are cause you need them. How many people can you count on your hands and toes in your life like this. Ummm, you thinking about it aren’t you. I bet right now in your head you’re thinking about which one of your friends ever did something for you just to let you know they really care. Its funny right, you’re loyal, you’re a great person, but now that your sitting there all you can think about is those little piece of shit “friends” you have. Some people don’t know what a friend is. Some people are so selfish, they don’t know how to be friends to someone else. Then you have people who are friends with you for their own personal gain.

1. Loyalty: You looked confused. You’ve never experienced a loyal friend. Thats crazy. Ill tell you about some. A loyal friend has you’re back no matter the situation. They are always have your best interest at heart. Stabbing you in the back, they wouldn’t think about it. People try to ruin loyal friendships with words. Try to instigate shit between the two of them. Making big ass deals out of nothing, or trying to turn a small episode into a movie. But when you’re loyal, nothing and i do mean NOTHING, can ruin a friendship. Its crazy cause my mother always told me that i would meet my real friends in college. Ive met them but my options are very slim.

2. Honesty: If thats your friend, why in the hell would you lie to them. I say that cause some of y’all walk outside looking hit as shit, ya “best friend” walk up and they be poppin. Your best friend be on it, but they don’t give a damn about how you look. Wanna know why? Cause they don’t give a shit. They probably didn’t agree to be your bestie lol you just started calling them that. If I ever look like shit and its not purposely, TC and Erica wouldn’t think twice about telling, hell they probably wouldn’t let me leave until i changed my damn clothes. But not only is a friend honest about your personal appearance, they are honest about your personal choices or your attitude. Prime example, your friend will always tell you when you’re wrong or out of line. But they will defend you in public. You never tell your friend about themselves in front of people who are not in your circle. That shit don’t fly with me. And trust me I’ve told some people about themselves, they didn’t like it and i didn’t give a fuck, shit truth hurts. Would you rather hear the truth from a friend or a stranger.

3.SUPPORT: I put that in caps because its important. I love the very and i mean VERY few people I have around me. One night in a group text all i had to say was i needed them. Didn’t tell them why, and they didn’t ask. They were just there. And no i didn’t mention their names because i don’t need to. They have my back just like i have theirs. Most people have friends that call them in tears, and instead of just saying ” don’t worry whatever it is it will all work out” or “relax and pray about it.”The first thing they ask is “Oh my God what happen whats the matter” and granted sometimes knowing the situation helps you find the words to say. Sometimes though, just telling someone that it will all be ok helps more than finding the right words.

I’ll go where ever my left and my right hand are when they need me. No matter the cost no matter how far. Even if its just to send them flowers on Valentines Day, or texting them and telling them i love them. I love the bond that i have with the few people i have it with. I was raised with two friends(s/o to my two blood sisters) and as i got older i gained a few more. I won’t name them, they know who they are. And if you have to think for one second and wonder if I’m talking about you. I’m probably not.

You enjoy your day. No fuckery today


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