You Can’t Give Me Time Back


Anybody ever invest time in someone. I mean like really invest time in them. Focusing on them, supporting them, being there for them. Showing somebody that you’re really for them and want to be everything for them just for them to want somebody else. Now if this has eve happen to you, I’m sure you were thinking “good things take time” and “maybe I’m putting a dent it in” and then pow right in the damn kisser. You’re not the person they want.

1. You can’t get time back: say you’ve been focused on one person for a year. 365 days you’ve been there for them, supporting them, and pushing them to be a better person. You can get those 365 days back. Those shits are gone. So now you look back on what you could have had with someone else but you didn’t have it. It’s unfair to you. And I strongly believe when shot like this happens, people know. They knew it wasn’t going to be you. So why not be real about it and say it. Instead of allowing someone o catch damn feelings.

2. You’re leading them on: if you’re allowing someone to emotionally invest in you and you’re not doing the same you’re an ass. For people like me emotional investments don’t happen often for you. It’s rare that you meet someone that you truly like. Then for you to make this investment and find out 365 days later that it’s going absolutely now where is a hurting feeling. But then you’re the one in your feelings and your the one that needs to chill. What about the person that waisted your time. Nothing happens to them. They end up happy cause they’re with who they wanted to be with. Then you, you have to start all over. Asking people what their favorite color is. Learning somebody’s whole name and birthday all over again. And trust me that shit sucks ass. To have to do all over again. How many times does a person wanna have to open up to someone and let someone know they’re really trying to only get the damn door slammed in their face one more time.

Moral of this story. Time is I’ve the essence. Don’t waist my time giving me false hope about something you already decided.


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