Benefit of the Doubt? Why Not?

So recently there have been a lot of crazy relationship things going on. People lying and floating in and out of lives. Then there’s people lying and claiming they’re 100 about everything. Now my friends and I have a low tolerance for this kinda shit. I mean you wanna give a person the benefit of the doubt right but is that always a good thing? Let’s talk about the pros and cons shall we. Pros first:

1. It could work: sometimes if you think positive about somebody positive things will happen. You think to yourself ” ok don’t be an asshole take a chance” and it works. But let’s be honest how often does that shit really happen in the society.

2. They will screw you over: as you can see there aren’t many pros of giving somebody the benefit of the doubt. It either works or it doesn’t The con is the “it doesn’t” part. It’s so stupid cause you’re thinking. I’ve been through so much shit, this may be the person to change that. Few months later they turn out to be the piece of shit you thought they were all along. Now I’m not saying don’t take a risk just know every guy or every girl isn’t going to be the perfect side piece to your thrown. People are shitty, and there is a real shortage on good men and women. It’s sad cause most of the good people are assholes. But don’t worry it’s are best effing quality. Enjoy it! But at the end of the day you’re going to have more hits and misses then not.

Enjoy the ride fuckers!


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