Keep Your Baggage. I’m Cool

Boats and hoes America

I was talking to my sister Ashley this morning and I got the best idea. Today I want to talk to you shit bags about baggage. You know the stuff you bring to a relationship that nobody wants to deal with. Yea the bullshit or drama that your stupid ass forgets to mention when you talk to someone. TC, Erica and I know a lot about this shit don’t we guys? ( pretends that they just agreed with me) I miss them so much. Any way people are good for this.

1. Give people the option: ninjas today don’t give people the option of dealing with the baggage they bring to the table. State your shit up front, if you gotta crazy ass ex say that. If your not over your last relationship say that. I can’t stand when you gotta find shit out later on in life. Like da fuq! Now I’m knee deep in this shit and I’m damn stuck.

2. Baggage is too much damn weight: granted people don’t get over shit fast anymore. But don’t come around trying to weigh me down with your crazy shit. I can’t take that. Like my life is already crazy. I already deal with you. Why the hell would I want to deal with extra shit you should have handled before you got to me. You better pack your damn baggage and set fire to that shit at the front door. Cause I don’t want the shit. When a man or woman has to deal with somebody else’s shit it becomes way too damn much. Y’all gotta chill.

3. It take up too much time: while people sitting here dealing with baggage I’m trying to make money. And if your with me, yo ass new to be trying to make money too. They only damn bags we should be putting time and effort into are the damn bags of money we need to put in off sore accounts. I’m trying to build a damn empire, and taking time out to deal with your crazy shit isn’t going to make me no damn money. So like I said, pack that shit up and set it a damn flame. Cause I’m not bringing no baggage to you so don’t you bring that shit to me.

Now I gotta go handle some business for this party. You still look like last night. Go clean your dirty ass up.

I’m out


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