This, That or Nothing At All

It’s the afternoon butt bags!!!!

So how goes your day. Don’t answer cause I could probably careless how your day is going. But any who. You ever have that person in your life that causes you so much confusion. I mean one minute they want you the next they want someone else. Or when you want them they don’t want you or the other way around. Let’s get into that shall we

1. It’s AGGY!!!!!!! That back and fourth shit is the worst. First you wanna be my friend then you wanna be my lover. Then you wanna love on somebody else. Get your feelings together. That shit is stupid and it’s how you ruin relationships. Again security blankets don’t last forever. Eventually they leave and then that’s your ass left looking dumb. After you’re done playing damn ping pong with somebody’s emotions they’re not going to want to be your confused ass friend.

2. If you ever want to ruin some shit you’re on the right path: going back and fourth and round and round turns people off to you. The person that they saw you as is no longer who you will be. You’ll become some confused ass individual who doesn’t know what they want. Then you lose a potential life partner,wife or husband. Cause you don’t know what the hell it is that you want. Get your shit together. For the sake of everyone around you. You confused ass hoe!

Now you all continue to enjoy your afternoon. Not that I care but whatever.


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