Say It With Me “Consistency”

So of course I’m still dealing with technical difficulties and shit! You gotta love freaking technology.

Any way…..Oh you mad cause i didn’t say good morning, suck that shit up. Now what i was saying before you started acting like a hoe about the situation was, lets talk about consistency. People for some reason, ok let me rephrase that, my generation just can not be consistent with anything. What pisses me off if that dudes say stupid shit like ” I ain’t about to chase no b****” Lets get into that shall we:

1. Consistency is key: People fail to realize that without consistency you actually ain’t got shit! Now if you’re anything like me, which I highly doubt cause y’all a bunch of coochies, You put inconsistent people to the side. I hate somebody who is inconsistent and i can come up with soooo many damn reasons. Dudes I’m sorry but this some shit y’all do all the damn time. They hit your inbox talking about “I want you babe” or ” Ive wanted you for the longest and you’re going to be mine.” First off, STFU, with the bullshit. Don’t say you want me and your ok with not hearing from me for weeks at a damn time. Sit that shit down.

2. Consistency makes the difference: Now I’m just going to explain this point in an example. Say you’re talking to two people, you have one person who calls you everyday, text you everyday, you would like that shit wouldn’t you? But what about the other person, they talk to yo ass when they feel like it. Check on you when they get ready, and then they expect yo ass to get there to play with when they get ready. Ummmmm le fuck no! Thats not cool. You cant truly expect somebody to sit around and wait until you decide you really want them. You miss out on trying to get to know a good person.

I would get on my high horse right now but I’m kinda busying doing shit! Get yo ass up and do something productive


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