Thats Not What You Meant? Why You Say IT

So i wanna dedicate this blog to allergy season.

Dear Allergies, this relationship is not working. You gotta go. Its not me its you. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. People have the tendency to say things and not really mean that. But when somebody take your wrong words and act on them, its you thats pissed. I swear they teach kids to say what they mean and mean what they say. And i figure that as an adult you wouldn’t be saying anything you didn’t really mean. Now dudes please don’t think your exempt but ladies y’all are the worst:

1. Words= Actions: If you say something and thats not what you mean you’ll be pissed at the outcome. Chicks are good for saying stuff like “Go talk to your hoe” “Go be with your ninjas get out my face.” Then when they do it, your mad and you wanna fight. You wanna break up and all of a sudden he cheated on you. But isn’t that what you told him to do. Now what you should have said was ” Look ninja I’m mad at you go sit your ass in there room until I’m ready to talk” Now will he go sit down probably not. But he won’t be out with his friends and he damn sure won’t be out with no hoes while you’re pissed at him. 

2. If you don’t mean it don’t say it: Now dudes this one is for you. Y’all have a habit or lying to females. Y’all lie about how y’all feel, y’all lie about what you don’t feel. So what the hell you expect her to do. Dudes favorite lies are ” Nah, I’m not even feeling you like that” “Yea, you know i love you” “Nah bae she my sister.” Now lets start with the last one, ninja if she your old smash buddy say that, if she was the girl who shared her oral knowledge with you just to keep you calm, say that. But if you going to damn lie about it and i find out thats that ass. Lie number two, if you don’t love her tell her. I hate when people tell their significant other that they love them and they cant give a flying shit over a rainbow. Dudes use love to get the draws, to get Jordans, to get all kinds of shit. Once they get it they’re gone and your out of over 500 dollars. Don’t love me stupid. Now if a girl don’t love you she ain’t going to love you. Thats word. That first lie, get you ninjas screwed. I’m not feeling you like that, is the worst thing you can say if that is not what you mean. That right there can make the love of your life end up with some other dude. Then you look like damn boo boo the fool and you mad. 

People in this life fail to realize that their words have an impact on what happens around them. You’re a pure dick head if you don’t think that what you say controls what happens. Check you words. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Now get outta my face. And i mean that


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