Whats The Hold Up

So i would say “Good Morning” but I’m in a good mood so I’m not going to say it.

So lets talk about this, Why is it that when two people that like each other just can’t come together. For example, I know somebody who calls this girl every night, and if he don’t call her he damn sure is going to text her. She likes him, he clearly likes her, cause I’m like a dude, I’m not wasting no time texting or calling somebody that i don’t damn like. But why is it just so damn hard for two people to come together. You think thats a good thing. Well I’m about to tell you stupid ass why its not:

1. You’re going to lose: I’ve said this several times, time waits for N-O O-N-E. Nobody! Usually this is the dudes fault. Its very rare that a woman doesn’t know that she wants a man. Lets be real, a woman will stop showing interest is she don’t want your puppet head ass. She will move one. But again you got this woman hanging on and she really feeling you, she is going to want to be with you. Dudes just so freakin scared of not being able to bag hoes that they don’t want whats real. Of course like a dumb ass you let what real slip right through your damn buttery ass fingers. Dumb NINJA.

2. Ladies your friends will be all over him: If the dude is showing you he wants you and you hesitating. Your rachet ass friends will be all over that ninja. Woman get so wrapped up in a title that they forget that its about the actions and words of the significant other. Now don’t trip cause titles are important, but you gotta work your way to a title. And that rachet ass friend of yours, you know the one you think is a hoe, well her hoe ass will be sitting right next to your man! And you think she going to complain about a title. Ummmm le fuck no.

3. Eventually somebody is going to want more: You can’t expect somebody to want the same thing for years to come. People are going to want more. It may be the man or the woman but somebody isn’t going to just wanna be your “night time shorty” for the rest of their life. If thats not what you want, get your tooth brush out my bathroom and you get your draws out my house and be gone. I need progression not anybody that going to want to stay the same. Im trying to build a kingdom.

Y’all gotta chill, y’all act like its just good men and woman walking around everyday. If you find one tell him I said what up doe.

I got shit to do Hasta Lavista


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