Don’t be “That Person”

Ok I know I’ve taken a couple days off. Forgive me for my technical difficulties. Now in the last few days I’ve seen something’s happen both with my own relationships and my friends. There is always “That Girl” or “That Guy”. You know the one you held on to for so long cause you just knew in your heart of hearts that they were right. You gave that sucka chance after chance just to give you a reason to hold on and they gave you absolutely nothing. So you walk away. You let they ass go because you wanna move on and continue with your effing life. Then a few freaking months later when somebody play they ass, they’re right back on your phone saying they wish they would have stuck with you:

1. You had your chance: you don’t get to call and say you wish you would have stuck with me. People treat others like they are a second option. Ninja the person that was riding out for you for eyes should have been your first option. Not your security blanket. 365 days is a long time to give someone your time!

2. Nobody wants to be a security blanket: being a security blanket tanks ass. Nobody wants to feel like they were second choice. “Oh if she play me I know I got that other girl waiting on me.” Oh don’t trip, if you thought this didn’t apply to the gays you go life fucked up. We all do it everyone does it. Heterosexual, homosexual, try sexual, bisexual either way this shit is about you. Nobody is exempt from this. All you hoes are guilty. What’s going to happen when your security blanket is wrapped around somebody else. Making them feel all warm and toasty. Then you sitting there looking like a dumb ass foaming from the mouth.

At the end of the day, don’t be “That Person” you know the one calling and apologizing cause you missed out. Then you look stupid. Cause it won’t be the person you passed up. They moved on and it’s you left to be stuck in your stupid mistake.


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