Actions And Words Part II

Oh did you really thing i was going to make a part one and part two was going to come years later! Nah!

Now, Im sure none of you door knobs have changed your ways. Saying and showing what you means is imperative( don’t know what that means, get ya damn life). Anyway, I bet you still aren’t following what I’m saying. You cant say one thing and do something else. It’s just not right. The sad part is its you NINJAS!!!!!

1. A woman will always let her actions and her words match: I don’t get how a dude can can say stuff like ” Baby you’re the Queen of my heart” and ” I love you girl and you know that” and it be completely full of shit based upon your actions. A woman is going to tell her man that she loves him and not only will she tell him but she is going to make him feel like the King she thinks he is. And i can bet like hell when she does you feel like the best thing walking. Ninjas tell their girl they love her and can’t even say thank you for the little shit she does daily to let you know she cares. Your a dick head a true dick head!

2. Dudes you ruin a good woman: Now understand that every woman isn’t strong enough to walk away from someone who confuses her. And if she isn’t and she is a good woman, she ain’t good no more. Why? Cause she held your stank ass down and was there for you when you needed her. Your words said ” Oh baby thank you” but your actions said “Girl you ain’t do nothing special have a seat.” She is then at the point where eff you ninja, you aint no good, and she becomes a good girl gone bad.

3. Again i say ITS ONLY DUDES THAT DO THIS! You won’t ever catch a woman doing this shit. I mean she may not be blunt in how she feels but she will tell you. She will be vocal, and her actions will speak  the same volumes as her words. There aint no way in hell a she is going to say ” Bae i love you” and you not see it. Unless you damn Stevie Wonder and you need it in brail. You’re a shit head. Pay attention to what you say and what you do cause if you have yet to catch it, it all means the same shit.

Now in my own personal experience, I have some young tender ronies in my life who’s actions and words be on some other shit. But what they don’t know is. Ninja you on a time schedule you either get it together or your going to be added to the list of idiots. Yea confuse me all you want. My ass going to split. Its cute now but you’ll regret that shit later.

All I’m saying is get yo shit together


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