Cross The Line?

So some of this weekends invents are the inspiration for todays blog. Oh you thought i was about to tell you about my weekend. lol Chill not gonna happen.

Any way, Now you guys have read my blogs about friends with benefits and relationships period, and if you haven’t you should be smacked. Any way, the issue at hand is, what happens when things spark between two best friends. Like what if your best friend touches you in a way he/she never has before, and what if you liked it? What happens if you see possessive signs, or you notice things feel just a little different. Do you talk to your best friend about it? Or do you play it out and see what happens? Now this like anything can either go absolutely great or you two shits can crash and burn and then your friendship is screwed. Let me help you dicks handle this effectively:

1. This is not a movie: Ninja this ain’t Brown Suga or none of those movies where the two best friend fall madly in love and live happily every after. Thats bullshit. Face reality, and the reality of the situation is it might work and it might not. Any relationship you get into, yo ass is taking a risk at getting hurt, shit working, or losing somebody. Just cause its your best friend or a close friend doesn’t make it any different. You gotta put in the same work. People think oh he my friend he already know how i am. Don’t assume that. They know your personality, not how you treat your significant other. So again your putting you and your friend emotions at risk.

2. Make sure you’re prepared for the possible: Don’t understand what i mean. When dating a friend you can either be married to your best friend and you guys be together for life. Or you to dick heads could end up in a big fight and yo ass will be sitting on the corner signing Cant Be Friends by damn Debora Cox. When friends date or have sex there needs to be a discussion. Y’all need to be prepared for a relationship to not work and you jerks still be friends. Now most FEMALES cant do that. I put females in caps cause you hoes suck at letting go of your ex. I mean damn y’all broke up let go. But any way, most people don’t date their friend cause they are afraid that things will change and they will lose their friend. If this is the step you guys wanna take then don’t be a damn child talk like adults( if you even know how to be and adult). This is why i cant stand when people say “Sex complicates things” I’m here to tell you NO THE HELL IT DONT. YOU AND YOUR DAMN FEELINGS COMPLICATES SHIT! People wanna be all lovely dovey all off some good loving. Im sorry but you gotta lay down the rules. Its simple, don’t get in your feelings and if you feel like you’re about to then you need to stop slapping damn skins with whoever the hell it is. You’re an offing adult! A grown ass person! Yo ass no when to call it quits with some shit. Get it the hell together! 

Now i won’t be long cause I’m kinda busy today. But if you’re thinking about giving your friend the business, YOLO give it to them. But be careful if you don’t wanna lose your friend you might wanna chill and just let your imagination roam. Cause if not you bound to fuck some shit up.


What About Your Friends?

Whats up people.

How many of you this morning can say that you have friends. Like real friends, you know the ones that will do anything for you. Show up at your events and support you. Come visit you where ever you are cause you need them. How many people can you count on your hands and toes in your life like this. Ummm, you thinking about it aren’t you. I bet right now in your head you’re thinking about which one of your friends ever did something for you just to let you know they really care. Its funny right, you’re loyal, you’re a great person, but now that your sitting there all you can think about is those little piece of shit “friends” you have. Some people don’t know what a friend is. Some people are so selfish, they don’t know how to be friends to someone else. Then you have people who are friends with you for their own personal gain.

1. Loyalty: You looked confused. You’ve never experienced a loyal friend. Thats crazy. Ill tell you about some. A loyal friend has you’re back no matter the situation. They are always have your best interest at heart. Stabbing you in the back, they wouldn’t think about it. People try to ruin loyal friendships with words. Try to instigate shit between the two of them. Making big ass deals out of nothing, or trying to turn a small episode into a movie. But when you’re loyal, nothing and i do mean NOTHING, can ruin a friendship. Its crazy cause my mother always told me that i would meet my real friends in college. Ive met them but my options are very slim.

2. Honesty: If thats your friend, why in the hell would you lie to them. I say that cause some of y’all walk outside looking hit as shit, ya “best friend” walk up and they be poppin. Your best friend be on it, but they don’t give a damn about how you look. Wanna know why? Cause they don’t give a shit. They probably didn’t agree to be your bestie lol you just started calling them that. If I ever look like shit and its not purposely, TC and Erica wouldn’t think twice about telling, hell they probably wouldn’t let me leave until i changed my damn clothes. But not only is a friend honest about your personal appearance, they are honest about your personal choices or your attitude. Prime example, your friend will always tell you when you’re wrong or out of line. But they will defend you in public. You never tell your friend about themselves in front of people who are not in your circle. That shit don’t fly with me. And trust me I’ve told some people about themselves, they didn’t like it and i didn’t give a fuck, shit truth hurts. Would you rather hear the truth from a friend or a stranger.

3.SUPPORT: I put that in caps because its important. I love the very and i mean VERY few people I have around me. One night in a group text all i had to say was i needed them. Didn’t tell them why, and they didn’t ask. They were just there. And no i didn’t mention their names because i don’t need to. They have my back just like i have theirs. Most people have friends that call them in tears, and instead of just saying ” don’t worry whatever it is it will all work out” or “relax and pray about it.”The first thing they ask is “Oh my God what happen whats the matter” and granted sometimes knowing the situation helps you find the words to say. Sometimes though, just telling someone that it will all be ok helps more than finding the right words.

I’ll go where ever my left and my right hand are when they need me. No matter the cost no matter how far. Even if its just to send them flowers on Valentines Day, or texting them and telling them i love them. I love the bond that i have with the few people i have it with. I was raised with two friends(s/o to my two blood sisters) and as i got older i gained a few more. I won’t name them, they know who they are. And if you have to think for one second and wonder if I’m talking about you. I’m probably not.

You enjoy your day. No fuckery today

You Can’t Give Me Time Back


Anybody ever invest time in someone. I mean like really invest time in them. Focusing on them, supporting them, being there for them. Showing somebody that you’re really for them and want to be everything for them just for them to want somebody else. Now if this has eve happen to you, I’m sure you were thinking “good things take time” and “maybe I’m putting a dent it in” and then pow right in the damn kisser. You’re not the person they want.

1. You can’t get time back: say you’ve been focused on one person for a year. 365 days you’ve been there for them, supporting them, and pushing them to be a better person. You can get those 365 days back. Those shits are gone. So now you look back on what you could have had with someone else but you didn’t have it. It’s unfair to you. And I strongly believe when shot like this happens, people know. They knew it wasn’t going to be you. So why not be real about it and say it. Instead of allowing someone o catch damn feelings.

2. You’re leading them on: if you’re allowing someone to emotionally invest in you and you’re not doing the same you’re an ass. For people like me emotional investments don’t happen often for you. It’s rare that you meet someone that you truly like. Then for you to make this investment and find out 365 days later that it’s going absolutely now where is a hurting feeling. But then you’re the one in your feelings and your the one that needs to chill. What about the person that waisted your time. Nothing happens to them. They end up happy cause they’re with who they wanted to be with. Then you, you have to start all over. Asking people what their favorite color is. Learning somebody’s whole name and birthday all over again. And trust me that shit sucks ass. To have to do all over again. How many times does a person wanna have to open up to someone and let someone know they’re really trying to only get the damn door slammed in their face one more time.

Moral of this story. Time is I’ve the essence. Don’t waist my time giving me false hope about something you already decided.

Benefit of the Doubt? Why Not?

So recently there have been a lot of crazy relationship things going on. People lying and floating in and out of lives. Then there’s people lying and claiming they’re 100 about everything. Now my friends and I have a low tolerance for this kinda shit. I mean you wanna give a person the benefit of the doubt right but is that always a good thing? Let’s talk about the pros and cons shall we. Pros first:

1. It could work: sometimes if you think positive about somebody positive things will happen. You think to yourself ” ok don’t be an asshole take a chance” and it works. But let’s be honest how often does that shit really happen in the society.

2. They will screw you over: as you can see there aren’t many pros of giving somebody the benefit of the doubt. It either works or it doesn’t The con is the “it doesn’t” part. It’s so stupid cause you’re thinking. I’ve been through so much shit, this may be the person to change that. Few months later they turn out to be the piece of shit you thought they were all along. Now I’m not saying don’t take a risk just know every guy or every girl isn’t going to be the perfect side piece to your thrown. People are shitty, and there is a real shortage on good men and women. It’s sad cause most of the good people are assholes. But don’t worry it’s are best effing quality. Enjoy it! But at the end of the day you’re going to have more hits and misses then not.

Enjoy the ride fuckers!

Keep Your Baggage. I’m Cool

Boats and hoes America

I was talking to my sister Ashley this morning and I got the best idea. Today I want to talk to you shit bags about baggage. You know the stuff you bring to a relationship that nobody wants to deal with. Yea the bullshit or drama that your stupid ass forgets to mention when you talk to someone. TC, Erica and I know a lot about this shit don’t we guys? ( pretends that they just agreed with me) I miss them so much. Any way people are good for this.

1. Give people the option: ninjas today don’t give people the option of dealing with the baggage they bring to the table. State your shit up front, if you gotta crazy ass ex say that. If your not over your last relationship say that. I can’t stand when you gotta find shit out later on in life. Like da fuq! Now I’m knee deep in this shit and I’m damn stuck.

2. Baggage is too much damn weight: granted people don’t get over shit fast anymore. But don’t come around trying to weigh me down with your crazy shit. I can’t take that. Like my life is already crazy. I already deal with you. Why the hell would I want to deal with extra shit you should have handled before you got to me. You better pack your damn baggage and set fire to that shit at the front door. Cause I don’t want the shit. When a man or woman has to deal with somebody else’s shit it becomes way too damn much. Y’all gotta chill.

3. It take up too much time: while people sitting here dealing with baggage I’m trying to make money. And if your with me, yo ass new to be trying to make money too. They only damn bags we should be putting time and effort into are the damn bags of money we need to put in off sore accounts. I’m trying to build a damn empire, and taking time out to deal with your crazy shit isn’t going to make me no damn money. So like I said, pack that shit up and set it a damn flame. Cause I’m not bringing no baggage to you so don’t you bring that shit to me.

Now I gotta go handle some business for this party. You still look like last night. Go clean your dirty ass up.

I’m out

This, That or Nothing At All

It’s the afternoon butt bags!!!!

So how goes your day. Don’t answer cause I could probably careless how your day is going. But any who. You ever have that person in your life that causes you so much confusion. I mean one minute they want you the next they want someone else. Or when you want them they don’t want you or the other way around. Let’s get into that shall we

1. It’s AGGY!!!!!!! That back and fourth shit is the worst. First you wanna be my friend then you wanna be my lover. Then you wanna love on somebody else. Get your feelings together. That shit is stupid and it’s how you ruin relationships. Again security blankets don’t last forever. Eventually they leave and then that’s your ass left looking dumb. After you’re done playing damn ping pong with somebody’s emotions they’re not going to want to be your confused ass friend.

2. If you ever want to ruin some shit you’re on the right path: going back and fourth and round and round turns people off to you. The person that they saw you as is no longer who you will be. You’ll become some confused ass individual who doesn’t know what they want. Then you lose a potential life partner,wife or husband. Cause you don’t know what the hell it is that you want. Get your shit together. For the sake of everyone around you. You confused ass hoe!

Now you all continue to enjoy your afternoon. Not that I care but whatever.

Say It With Me “Consistency”

So of course I’m still dealing with technical difficulties and shit! You gotta love freaking technology.

Any way…..Oh you mad cause i didn’t say good morning, suck that shit up. Now what i was saying before you started acting like a hoe about the situation was, lets talk about consistency. People for some reason, ok let me rephrase that, my generation just can not be consistent with anything. What pisses me off if that dudes say stupid shit like ” I ain’t about to chase no b****” Lets get into that shall we:

1. Consistency is key: People fail to realize that without consistency you actually ain’t got shit! Now if you’re anything like me, which I highly doubt cause y’all a bunch of coochies, You put inconsistent people to the side. I hate somebody who is inconsistent and i can come up with soooo many damn reasons. Dudes I’m sorry but this some shit y’all do all the damn time. They hit your inbox talking about “I want you babe” or ” Ive wanted you for the longest and you’re going to be mine.” First off, STFU, with the bullshit. Don’t say you want me and your ok with not hearing from me for weeks at a damn time. Sit that shit down.

2. Consistency makes the difference: Now I’m just going to explain this point in an example. Say you’re talking to two people, you have one person who calls you everyday, text you everyday, you would like that shit wouldn’t you? But what about the other person, they talk to yo ass when they feel like it. Check on you when they get ready, and then they expect yo ass to get there to play with when they get ready. Ummmmm le fuck no! Thats not cool. You cant truly expect somebody to sit around and wait until you decide you really want them. You miss out on trying to get to know a good person.

I would get on my high horse right now but I’m kinda busying doing shit! Get yo ass up and do something productive

Thats Not What You Meant? Why You Say IT

So i wanna dedicate this blog to allergy season.

Dear Allergies, this relationship is not working. You gotta go. Its not me its you. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. People have the tendency to say things and not really mean that. But when somebody take your wrong words and act on them, its you thats pissed. I swear they teach kids to say what they mean and mean what they say. And i figure that as an adult you wouldn’t be saying anything you didn’t really mean. Now dudes please don’t think your exempt but ladies y’all are the worst:

1. Words= Actions: If you say something and thats not what you mean you’ll be pissed at the outcome. Chicks are good for saying stuff like “Go talk to your hoe” “Go be with your ninjas get out my face.” Then when they do it, your mad and you wanna fight. You wanna break up and all of a sudden he cheated on you. But isn’t that what you told him to do. Now what you should have said was ” Look ninja I’m mad at you go sit your ass in there room until I’m ready to talk” Now will he go sit down probably not. But he won’t be out with his friends and he damn sure won’t be out with no hoes while you’re pissed at him. 

2. If you don’t mean it don’t say it: Now dudes this one is for you. Y’all have a habit or lying to females. Y’all lie about how y’all feel, y’all lie about what you don’t feel. So what the hell you expect her to do. Dudes favorite lies are ” Nah, I’m not even feeling you like that” “Yea, you know i love you” “Nah bae she my sister.” Now lets start with the last one, ninja if she your old smash buddy say that, if she was the girl who shared her oral knowledge with you just to keep you calm, say that. But if you going to damn lie about it and i find out thats that ass. Lie number two, if you don’t love her tell her. I hate when people tell their significant other that they love them and they cant give a flying shit over a rainbow. Dudes use love to get the draws, to get Jordans, to get all kinds of shit. Once they get it they’re gone and your out of over 500 dollars. Don’t love me stupid. Now if a girl don’t love you she ain’t going to love you. Thats word. That first lie, get you ninjas screwed. I’m not feeling you like that, is the worst thing you can say if that is not what you mean. That right there can make the love of your life end up with some other dude. Then you look like damn boo boo the fool and you mad. 

People in this life fail to realize that their words have an impact on what happens around them. You’re a pure dick head if you don’t think that what you say controls what happens. Check you words. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Now get outta my face. And i mean that

Whats The Hold Up

So i would say “Good Morning” but I’m in a good mood so I’m not going to say it.

So lets talk about this, Why is it that when two people that like each other just can’t come together. For example, I know somebody who calls this girl every night, and if he don’t call her he damn sure is going to text her. She likes him, he clearly likes her, cause I’m like a dude, I’m not wasting no time texting or calling somebody that i don’t damn like. But why is it just so damn hard for two people to come together. You think thats a good thing. Well I’m about to tell you stupid ass why its not:

1. You’re going to lose: I’ve said this several times, time waits for N-O O-N-E. Nobody! Usually this is the dudes fault. Its very rare that a woman doesn’t know that she wants a man. Lets be real, a woman will stop showing interest is she don’t want your puppet head ass. She will move one. But again you got this woman hanging on and she really feeling you, she is going to want to be with you. Dudes just so freakin scared of not being able to bag hoes that they don’t want whats real. Of course like a dumb ass you let what real slip right through your damn buttery ass fingers. Dumb NINJA.

2. Ladies your friends will be all over him: If the dude is showing you he wants you and you hesitating. Your rachet ass friends will be all over that ninja. Woman get so wrapped up in a title that they forget that its about the actions and words of the significant other. Now don’t trip cause titles are important, but you gotta work your way to a title. And that rachet ass friend of yours, you know the one you think is a hoe, well her hoe ass will be sitting right next to your man! And you think she going to complain about a title. Ummmm le fuck no.

3. Eventually somebody is going to want more: You can’t expect somebody to want the same thing for years to come. People are going to want more. It may be the man or the woman but somebody isn’t going to just wanna be your “night time shorty” for the rest of their life. If thats not what you want, get your tooth brush out my bathroom and you get your draws out my house and be gone. I need progression not anybody that going to want to stay the same. Im trying to build a kingdom.

Y’all gotta chill, y’all act like its just good men and woman walking around everyday. If you find one tell him I said what up doe.

I got shit to do Hasta Lavista

Don’t be “That Person”

Ok I know I’ve taken a couple days off. Forgive me for my technical difficulties. Now in the last few days I’ve seen something’s happen both with my own relationships and my friends. There is always “That Girl” or “That Guy”. You know the one you held on to for so long cause you just knew in your heart of hearts that they were right. You gave that sucka chance after chance just to give you a reason to hold on and they gave you absolutely nothing. So you walk away. You let they ass go because you wanna move on and continue with your effing life. Then a few freaking months later when somebody play they ass, they’re right back on your phone saying they wish they would have stuck with you:

1. You had your chance: you don’t get to call and say you wish you would have stuck with me. People treat others like they are a second option. Ninja the person that was riding out for you for eyes should have been your first option. Not your security blanket. 365 days is a long time to give someone your time!

2. Nobody wants to be a security blanket: being a security blanket tanks ass. Nobody wants to feel like they were second choice. “Oh if she play me I know I got that other girl waiting on me.” Oh don’t trip, if you thought this didn’t apply to the gays you go life fucked up. We all do it everyone does it. Heterosexual, homosexual, try sexual, bisexual either way this shit is about you. Nobody is exempt from this. All you hoes are guilty. What’s going to happen when your security blanket is wrapped around somebody else. Making them feel all warm and toasty. Then you sitting there looking like a dumb ass foaming from the mouth.

At the end of the day, don’t be “That Person” you know the one calling and apologizing cause you missed out. Then you look stupid. Cause it won’t be the person you passed up. They moved on and it’s you left to be stuck in your stupid mistake.