Its 50/50 Ninja

Ok eff all this nice stuff.  Lets talk about how people don’t think that relationships are 50/50. Even when you gyys are just “talking” its still a 50/50 thing. I don’t get how people think they don’t have to put in work. If you work to get me what makes you think you don’t have to work to keep me. People got it all wrong:

1. Im not putting in what I’m not getting: don’t expect me to call you or text you all the time and you can’t do the same. First off if I have to text you first all the time thats dead! To me that says you really dont want shit. You trying to put some beef in my taco,  so you’re going to do the bare minimum just to keep me hanging on sad part is a can give two shits. Im going to playnyour game better than you. You don’t wanna talk so I won’t.  You don’t wanna text, I don’t either. Lol I invented this game.

2. If you don’t want to put in work. Im out: don’t trip cause its not just me. This generation really thinks that you don’t have to work. I bet they’ll put the work in if yoy wasnt giving away the cootie cat for free. And thats real. People getting the shit for the free. THEE FREE! Make that man work for the cootie. If you want him cuff you. Hold out. Until that man say he your man. Make that man work. But at the same time, you gotta work for that man too.

3. Females gotta work too: Ladies think that a man is the only person thats suppose to work. Ummmm sweetie I did say 50/50. If you want him to work, you gotta work. Let that man known you see the work he putting in and you put in too. Don’t leave him hanging and try to brag to your rachet ass friends about how he thirsty all up in your phone. Cause if thats what you do you an harlot and you need to grow the fuck up. You will lose. Then your rachet ass friend going to be walking around with em. Then you going to be mad as hell.

I gotta go shopping I’m out


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