Clingy for What

I’m sitting down scratching my scalp with a rat tail comb (ratchet action of the day) and all I could think about is somebody being clingy. Who in the hell wants somebody calling, text me all times of day and shit. Ummm hello can I have some damn space. I can’t take it. Its so effing annoying. You think that shit ok, ummmm LE FUCK NO ITS NOT!
1. Space is important: let me damn breath shit! I need time to myself, I like being alone.  If you need to be up under me all day every day you need a damn hobby. I just don’t see myself laying up in a bed  or sitting around your ass all day when there is money to be made. We can cuddle when I get the hell off work.

2. I already have two parents: ninja I don’t need to clocking me. You got one time to ask me where I’m at. One time. If you ask me that shit again in a 30 minute time span yo ass is gone! I can’t deal with somebody all up in my phone asking the same shit. You can text me three times a day, in the morning just to say good morning and wish me a good day. One time in the afternoon to see how my day is going, and at night. And first off if we together you shouldn’t be texting me at night. Calling is also apart of a relationship if you shit heads didnt know! But at night we should be wrapping up the day. You ain’t my daddy don’t be damn clocking me.

3. Clingy is aggy: your aggravating as hell. I don’t damn get it. I work two damn jobs and only get paid for one. I dont have time for your ass to get on my nerves. They only time I want you in my ear, in my bed or in my damn inbox is when my day is over. Thats when I need someone to ease the stress of my day. I don’t need you to add on to the shit I’m already dealing with. Shit go away for a few hours find something to do. Get a damn job, start on your career.

Now lets be honest I barely have this problem cause I only hear from one person on consistent basis. I’m cool on that shit.

Again I have to go to my second job.
Peace loser.


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