Hard to Get For What

You single? You wanna blame everybody else for it. He ain’t my type, she too much of a stud. Ypunfind stuff to complain about. Then you wonder why the hell people dudes or females(don’t trip this includes the gays) stop talking to your ass. Its cause you think you’re such a diamond in a a rough, when really you a damn rock in a lake. Playing hard to get like somebody can’t just pick yo sorry ass up off the side of the road:

1. You look stupid: “Oh. I like him but ima make him work for it” or “Nah ima cuff her but ima test her first” if you think that by the time your ass is done making him work for it or ttesting her,  they still going to be around.  You a damn fool. You know how many people lose out on the perfect person cause they wanna test em and shit. You look like a dumb ass. I don’t get it, again I say, if you want somebody go get them. You sitting here playing around like you just unlocked a new damn board on Mario Cart Racing. You my friend are an idiot.

2. Nobody wins: you wanna play and shit, then when the game over you single and the person is happy with somebody else. All that “I would be with you but………” that shit don’t fly nobody sticking around for that. If your thinking about me text me. If you wanna hear , my voice call me. Don’t be wondering what I’m doing and all you have to do is damn hit me up. You ass monkeys continuously do this shit backwards. You think yo momma and daddy made you cause they were playing games. NAH. Ninja your daddy spit that G to yo momma and she was stuck to his ass like white on rice or a fly to a pile of shit. You wanna make it seem like top notch and shit. News flash ninja you ain’t shit without your other half.

Ugh I could probably go all day but you ass bags dont pay my bills. If you want somebody go get em. No holds bars

I gotta go to work harlots


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