You Can Have Your Cake, But Can You Keep It?

So lets talk about the bullish that goes on in the male universe. Dudes today im talking about ya’ll and the stupid stuff you ass bags do. Better yet one thing in particular, why in the hell do you keep females around if you don’t damn want her. Move the hell on. Forgive them Lord for they not know what they do to your greatest creation.

1. Dudes you can’t keep a security blanket: that one woman that held you down, that supported you, gave you everything just sonyou knew she was there for you. You don’t get to keep her. You decided to go for the harlot that had the clappers that threw her cheeks your way. You forgot about about the girl that iced your knee after the basketball game. Or remember when she sat up and helped you study.  You forget all about her until your harlot find a ninja with more money then you have. You run right back to her, but eventually she wont be there when your stupid ass decides to come back.

2. Dummy you ruin her feelings and you lose: you ever saw that triangle where good girls are damage by dumb guys, then that same girl damges a good guy. Do you know that shit is your fault. Ninjas have a habit for trying to keep a good woman you don’t truly want. You don’t want her so leave her ass alone! Stop calling her late nught, texting her early morning. Drake said it best “we can’t stand to see each other with somebodu else.” You ignoramuses don’t want to be with her so why damge her cause you don’t want to let her go. You know i could help you fix that. Let me whisper it to you, come closer its a secret…if you don’t want to see her with anyone else BE WITH HER YOUR DAMN SELF ASS WHIPE.  I don’t get how hard it could be shit.

At the end of the day  your a dick head cause you confuse this woman,  you make her feel for you in ways she have never felt for any man, and you kill her spirit and now she is a man killer. And you are shit out of a woman. It sucks to watch the woman that was suppose to be yours with a man that appreciated her more.

Peace love and haor grease


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