Actions and Words Part 1

I’m not saying good morning

You ever hear somebody say “You know actions  speak louder than words.” I’m sure you believed it and ran with it. You ever stop and think, the things you say and the things you do should match. Did ever stop and think that what you say and what you should match.
It really grinds my gears when a person acts one way and say something else. There are only two big points in this.

1. You can’t expect somebody to believe what your mouth says:  its like saying you love somebody. Dumb ass you can’t tell somebody you love them and not show them. Its damn near impossible.  Your actions are to support your words. Some  shit heads use their words as weapons or set up to get what they want. Then its over, your words and actions are one in the mutha effing same! I just don’t get what you monkeys don’t understand.

2.  Your actions and your words send the wrong message: prime example, I had a thing with a guy. Of courer the shit head claim he didnt want me, but if you ask TC and Erica we were in a relationship,  he action were wat off from his words. He wouldn’t let me out his sight, were always together,  did things together. This ninja called and text me every morning. Now lets be real, I have the mentality of a dude my age if I don’t want your ass I aint calling or texting shit! But in this case some peopke don’t allow their feelings to take over their worsd but it has total control of their actions.
Guess who’s the real vagina!

Nothing too heavey today have a good day


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