Trust Me?

I was going to say good morning but I don’t care to say so.

This morning I wanna talk about trust. I think its hilarious how people can trust each other with their body parts but you can trust your shorty with your password. Im not going to list anything cause there ain’t shit to list. How the hell is it possible for you give yourself to someone with no condom but wont give them the password to your damn twitter. 
This goes back to insecurities,  oh you can’t trust me wtf you hiding. Ugh ok fuck it heres a list:

1. If you don’t trust me I can’t bang with you: friends included. See friends always think they are exempt from shit like this but they arent. If you haven to question my loyalty to you.  If you have to question me about dumb shit that you know for a fact I wouldn’t have said you don’t trust me. And lack of trust is some shit I ain’t putting up  with. For my dude, if you trust me with your genitals them ninja you should trust , e with your heart, mind,body and soul. First off in order for me to trust you with my physical I need to see some papers that say that ass is clean. And thats real shit. Then we can talk about getting down and dirty. But if you can’t trust me with you then your done. You can have the code to my phone the password to my twitter all that dumb shit is yours if you want it. Hell I’ll even give you the pin to my debit card but its cause I trust you.

2. 9 out of 10 times if you cant trust that means that ass is a liar: lying is something I will never tolerate. And if your dumb ass think for one second that trust and lying isnt one in the same. You my friend are a dumb shit. If you’re a lair you can’t be trusted that’s point blank period. Like I said in previous blogs I don’t kiss a ninja I cant trust. So fuck outta here with your lying ass.

3. How many people have you met with trust issues in a functional relationship: yea they maybe in one but every time you turn around, ” She flirting with him, i think they like each other”  STFU. If you know and trust your significant other there is not problem.  I don’t give a damn if my shorty post a pic on IG of him and another girl. So who cares, if its not disrespectful to me I could care less. You can’t be with someone you don’t trust the shit just don’t work. People always talking about ” l can’t do long distance” that’s cause your ass can’t be trusted and you ain’t loyal.

At the end of the day m shit just don’t make sense. I can give younthe kitty but not the password to my shit. You can’t have the code to my phone but I can supply you with the best “knowledge” you’ve ever had in your life. You peopke got this messed up. Ya’ll just damn stupid

I gotta go to the gym. Ya’ll dumb asses stress me out



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