Awwww! You’re Insecure!

Whats up, Did you brush your teeth yet?………No? Don’t speak back.

Oh thats what you wearing today? You look like a wale! Oh you mad. Be careful sweetie, your insecurities are creeping from behind you. Yea we are talking about insecurities this morning thanks to TC! Now fellas don’t trip, ya’ll some insecure suckas too. So please for two seconds don’t think this here ain’t about you. Nobody wants anybody with insecurities. You wanna be the baddest B**** but you don’t like your real hair. Don’t trip damn right i wear weave i love that shit. But ain’t shit like the natural cure and kinkiness that is my hair. How do you know you’re insecure, don’t worry hoe I’m about to tell you:

1. If you think your not worth it: Don’t get what i mean? If you think that some shouldn’t have to wait for you. If you think your wrong for standing your ground. Females, if you think you wrong for telling that ninja he gotta wait 90 days until you give up the kitty cat. YOU ARE INSECURE! You don’t think your worth these things. You don’t think you deserve respect. I hear how your dude talk to you. Get the hell outta here stupid! If you have any doubt in you tiny little pee brain that you don’t deserve anything less than the best get you damn life. Cause aint no damn man allowed to treat or come at me any kinda way.

2. If you the loudest person in the room: I know insecure females sad to say but some of them consider me their friend lol. If we are friends and you read this and thought for one second that i was referring to you, hello Ms. Insecure. Yea, Ms. Insecure the loudest girl in the room cause nobody paying you any attention. Wanna yell and shit so somebody see ya. SIT YOUR INSECURE ASS DOWN! We see your attention needing ass. Now a female thats secure, walks in a room and sits her ass down. While the rest of you dick wads make a fool of yourself.

3. If you disagree with a complement: Now this is more so for dudes cause an insecure female oh best believe she fishing for a complement. ( old man from state farm commercial voice) ” Oh you almost had it, you gotta be quicker than that.” But dudes if a woman tells you you’re handsome and you say nah instead of thank you. You my dear are insecure. No female wants an insecure man. I need to know that my man knows that he is secure in his spot. He need to know that nobody can be to me who he is to me. And if you ladies don’t feel the same way, yo ass insecure too. This goes for both men and women. Your mentality should be that anybody who screws you over will regret it. Most of you heffas ( dudes too) don’t even think you worthy of marriage. Eff that I’m wife material and its not even being cocky I know I’m worth that much. But ya’ll don’t hear me though.

4. If you gotta impress everybody around you: Lets get this straight. YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE A HOT RATS ASS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SAHARA DESERT WHAT SOMEBODY THINKS ABOUT YOU. You have nothing to prove. Oh you wanna brag about the things you have, heres a secret ( in Smokey voice) I DONT GIVE A FUUUUH! Nobody cares. You so insecure that you gotta make yourself look cool. Oh you gotta apartment, thats nice congrats. But every five seconds you don’t have to say shit like ” I’m ready to go to my house” or ” I got bills to pay i gotta house.” First, that is an apartment, what my parents live in is a house. Second, we know you don’t live with your momma stfu. We get it you take care of yourself, most people do. But if you think by talking about your shit all the time is going to make somebody like you?  Nah it won’t. My mother always told me if you gotta brag about what you have, you ain’t got shit. If you need to talk about all the stuff you have just to make people like you, you need to go reevaluate yourself. You don’t need any approval. Somebody hates you, smile at em shit.

At the end of the day if your insecure you’re screwed. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with, or be friends with somebody thats insecure. I know I don’t. My circle small, and we all confident

Peace out hood rats


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