You Thought You Were Special

Que pasa!

Sorry ya’ll I had to take a few days off. I’m sure all you ladies are praying to God that you made it through the weekend without getting knocked up. And if in three weeks you can say your stilk good, then damit I’m proud of you. Now speaking of this weekend all of ya’ll was hype. I seen so many posts downing other peoples relationship cause their Valentine’s Day wasn’t the same as yours. Here’s why we don’t give le fuck.

1. You must have something to prove:  no this is no shade but who gives a rats ass in a New York subway. Now some of ya’ll may think this is jealously but chill. I don’t get joy out of what people do me. My Valentines had a great suprise to go home to. I love my babies TC and Erica.  But did you see their post or nah! I know you didn’t. Like its great to know that you have someone who wants to make you feel like something for A DAY. So you pressed or nah?

2. You hype off a day: lets see by a show of hands how many of ya’ll gets flowers any other day besides February 14th……..Oh just in case you ain’t know this is me waiting………. Exatly. You hype off ine damn day. Like dude there are 365 days in the year and you hype off this one. You think we care! No we don’t. Your one day is hype, but you don’t get all excited about your regular day. Of course you don’t cause its probably not that special.  Soooo you mad! I don’t care,

At the end of the day you hype off one day, what’s so special about your other days.  My g if you going to give somebody something to be jealous of do it on a random day. Lol everybody gets treated special on Valentine’s Day. So yea STFU!
I got shit to do.


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