Ya’ll Not Together. You Mad?


So first off s/o to this weather. Also s/o to everybody who mad they’re single. Ha! No cuddle buddy for you. Any who, I was reading old convos trying to figure out what to blog about. Of course TC and Erica have no idea how they helped. A long time ago we had an RNS convo about when it’s a relationship. When do you know if you guys are ” a thing”. Now at this time they were being complete asses but any hoochie. These signs mean absolutely NOTHING

1. If ya’ll spending a shit load of time together: now if you spending day in and day out with something that lets you know two things: 1. You ain’t handling no business 2. You’re a lonely little sucka. If you have shit to do you shouldn’t be spending so much time together thats for one. But just cause somebody wants you in their space all the time don’t mean shit. You may just be cool to be around. Hell I had people I hung around just cause they eased the stress of my day.  Do you see us holding hands and kissing on instagram. Um le fuck no! Again I say get your life people 

2. Somebody talk to all the time: that means absolutely nothing.  I talk to people all the time. That don’t mean shit! So what you text me or call me all the time. When the sun sets IM STILL SINGLE. Your phone calls don’t mean shit. Oh big shit you text cause you ain’t heard from me all day. Who gives a fuck! We not together so of course its me who could give a rats ass on a NY city bus. I mean the thought of having somebody to talk to everyday is cool. But if thats how you fel you better get your ass a best friend.

3. Someone who won’t let you out of their sight: now this shit here is the blower.  You don’t need to see everything I do or be with me all the time. Now if I like yo ass I won’t mind but at the end of the day give me my space. We aint us! And this clearly don’t mean we together. I never left a lot of peoples sight but shit lol do you see us together at all. But don’t trip cause I’ll seriously wait on that shit……….. Oh!

Long story short if shorty don’t come out they mouth and say ya’ll together then shit. You’ll be one of these loney people in your bed watching cartoons on this snow day. Keep puttong yourself in relationships with friends and your feelings will be hurt.

Peace out!


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