What You Lying For

What up doe!

So its snowing in the Carolina’s and these damn dick heads out here buying up bread and water like its the damn last supper or an apocalypse. Anyway, so since about five this morning I’ve been trying to figure out why dudes lie to their females friends. Specially when I’m the friend in question. We are just friends, why lie.

1. You can’t make or break us: If we are just friends and nobody has any feelings,why are you lying. We friends, its so stupid to me how people get wrapped up in emotions that were and that could be. They aren’t the current emotions. Why are you worried about feeling you can’t hurt. “You know me man have fucks don’t give em”, I could care less. If we friends and i wanna call my guy friend and tell him i got some ( we all know what the hell getting some grow up) I’m going to call that dick face and tell him i got some. The only thing he can do as my friend is be like “Oh word”.

2. We are not together ya twit! If we are not in a relationship, we never were, we didn’t have the intentions on getting together there is no reason for lies. I mean come on you don’t have to hide stuff from somebody you aren’t with. You shouldn’t be hiding shit no way. Some people just have it in their mind that they are protecting you by hiding stuff. Again I say Captain Dumb Ass, you are not protecting anyone if you’re hiding the truth. ITS THE SAME SHIT AS LYING DUMB ASS! But people don’t get that.

3. Nobody gives a fuck: at the end of the day, nobody cares what you did. I only know what you tell me and if i choose not to give two shits on a hot summers day then oh well. Now if I can read straight through your bullshit then there is no point. I don’t care! If you not giving me the business, paying my bills, or making sure I’m fed i could care less what you do. So what the hell are you lying to me for!!!!!!! I don’t have time for the shit. I don’t like to be lied to. My shorty don’t even lie to me, so you can take your lie and shove it up your ass

Oh well gotta go. Time to get on the radio, you lying little shits


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