The Curve

Sup dick heads

You ever get pissed off trying to curve somebody.  Don’t sit there amd try to look innocent.  You just curved the shit out that dude or that girl last night. I don’t get it. People let it be known that they curving and people just refuse to accept it. How do you know you’ve been curved *sprinkles ratchet fairy dust*

1. If you don’t have their number already CURVE! If you have known that person for some months and you still ain’t get a text, yo ass has been curved. Girls are good for this shit. They take your number and let the damn thing take up space in their phone. Or if they a G, they don’t even save your shit. Fooled you thinking they gave a damn bah! Jokes on you dumb ass

2. If they keep coming up with reasons why they can’t chill CURVE! Lol now from time to time you’ll come across somebody who trying to “try something new” so you snag the number.  Around week two they realize you aggy as shit. So when you text them saying shit like come chill with me, they reply with crazy shit like ” Nah I can’t come out tonight I gotta shave my dog”. Of course you confused but thats cause yo ass just got curved.

3. If they ducking yo ass in public CURVE! At this point  they don’t want anybody to know they know your lame ass. If you saw them on the yard and they disappear before you can walk over to say hi best believe they want no parts of you and your crazy ass. The fact that you thought they were going to be there when you looked up is disrespectful.

4. If you call them and a Spanish lady pick up and say “Sorry no LaKiesha hea papi” CURVE! Now if she gave you the wrong number thats a major curve.  Now back in the day we use to pass out the rejection hot line number.  If they gave you that all hope is lost and you need to take your sorry ass home.

Ya’ll the curve is real! Stop letting these people curve you its making yo ass look bad

I ain’t gotta work, I’m just done talking to your ugly ass. Im out!


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