Forgive Them, Forgive You


I went to church this morning so I promise I’ll be nice. Im not even going to make a list today.  People well more so our generation has a proble with letting go. Yes im sure he hurt you or yes she probably lied, but you can’t move forward if you can’t forgive. How many of you go into new friendship or relationships thinking about what happen last. You ever notice that you ruin it. Ok I said no list but here we go

1. You push people away: when it comes to new things you have to step out on faith.  If you are worried about what happen with your past, you become defensive. You give people reason to walk away from you.

2. You only ruin yourself: eventually from pushing everything and everyone away.  You’ll only have you. No one and I do mean no one will want to be aroynd you.  They can speak to you, you become the person no one wants to be around. No one can relate to you cause you’re so busy pushing everyone away that there’s no point in trying with you.

Long story short forgive people for what they have done then forgive you. If not you’ll be living alone with your 27 cats meow!


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