He Either Want You or Ya Vickies

Sup my g

I’ve been sitting in the car thinking hard about what to blog about. And then it hit me, nah it really didnt. I just had somebody on my mind. Don’t trip babe, it was you. Anyway, I was thinking about how females always start damn crying when a dude get they goodies and bounce. This shit always happens for two reasons, you shit faces don’t ask questions or pay attention. Ands heres the list for the shit faces of America:

1. You need ask him questions: now when I say questions I dont mean the stupid shit when you trying to get to know him. Ask anybody I know, I ask two questions: What do you want from me, and Do you just wanna do me or do you like me for real? Do you know how much shit you can avoid off these two questions alone. And if he says he just wanna do ya, then you can either take him to get tested so yall can get down and dirty, or tell that MF to bounce and go about your life. You too old to be a one hitter quitter

2. A dude will always reveal what he wants: If your conversations are more about sex then your life goals then guess what stupid ass…… HE DON’T WANNA BE YOUR MAN. Once again because I’m a real ninja, I already peeped babe, little do he know. But if you’ve already talked about the shit up front you wont have to pay attention. You’ll know what he wants.  You can cut out a lot of shit.

3. Look for the signs: if he never got intimate with you he just want ypur Vickies. I don’t mean sexual intamicy. Sex is sex,  he can make you feel like a queen in the bed all hre wants. If he not interested in your goals and your life dreams then he don’t GAF. He don’t care if your aspiration is to be a prostitute on vanhouton street or toonotch. Drop his ass ASAP

4. Think about how you got his number: Now if you was making it clap on him then best believe he don’t want shit else but to see how it look with no clothes on. Now don’t be a shit face cock master and think he want you. And some of ya’ll so damn gullible that it don’t matter. “He said he trying to get to know me” girl shut up he trying to find out what that mouth do.  Have a damn seat

Ya’ll gotta do better, but don’t trip I’ll write a how-to for you simple minded shorties.

Gotta go. I go shit to do.


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