Your the Ex for a Reason

Break yourself fool!
  Once againg I had no idea what I was going to talk about. TC and Erica came in just in time, although they have no idea how. You know when you make a choice to break up with someone, you were the one who made the choice right? So why bother your ex. Why text them or call them? As always there is a Captian Dumb Ass in the mix. I didnt even think I was going to make a list but I can come up with some valid points.

1. Its too late to try and resolve issues: The relationship is over cause you decided to be  quick to end the shit. This generation is truly one who likes shit quick. You didnt stick around to try and fix the problem. You let the shit go, so you and all your unspoken feelings can have a court side seat in your own self-destruction.  Close mouth don’t get fed. Point blank it was your dumb ass fault.

2. What is there to effing talk about: the shit is over, its done so why are we talking. You can’t force your ex to be your friend or talk to you. Everybody isn’t that kind hearted.  You broke their heart and damn near ruined their ability to love.  The fuck they wanna talk to you  for. You better be lucky if they look at your magilla gorilla looking ass.

3. They want to get over you: if you just broke up the wounds are fresh.  Let their shits heal. You can’t just walk in and out of somebody’s life like its your personal revolving door. Not somebody thats been good to you gave you the world. Nah that can’t happen. They want you out of their mind fast as a virgin nut on the first time. Like lets be real, by a show of hands how many of you are still friends with the dick wad that broke your heart……….Don’t worry stupid I’ll wait.

Long story short,  get the hell out of their lives.  You don’t want that person so leave then the fuck alone. Dont call them, text them, send them anonymous message from apps and shit. Give them breathing room. You fucked up your good thing not them. Sit that ass down

Shit I gotta go to work


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