You Telling the Truth or Nah?

Hey ya’ll whats T! ( in Shantell voice)
You ever get in a conversation with someone about something serious and you tell the truth. I mean like really tell the truth,  just blunt out right truth.  Well if you don’t you’re, you my friend are a biiiiiiiiiiit! I laugh cause people always yelling “Damn why can’t I just meet someone who will be real with me”. Now if you’re blessed like my friends, you have me. I dont give a rats ass on a hot summer’s day in a polkadot dress. I’m going to give that shit to you straight. No chaser! I mean what’s the benefits of lying *does tootsie roll*

1. It takes to much effort to lie: This reason alone is why people always get caught the hell up! How are you going to tell a lie and forget what the hell you said. Duh stupid you’ll be better off with the truth.  And if you dating somebody like me , oh you shit out of luck. Im inspector gadget, im going to find out and when I catch that ass. Its over. The consequences of telling the truth are far less painful then then a lie

2. People’s feelings get caught up in lies: Now I know for a fact I ain’t a shit. And if you’re reading this you know I aint shit.  I would rather hurt somebody with the truth temporarily,  then damage them with a lie permanently. Thats like lying to your friend ” Girl you look fine chill” when she clearly look like a pile a shit at the dog park waiting to be stepped in. I’m not about that life if you look like shit ima tell ya. Hell I tell myself when I look like shit I aint about to lie to you,

3. You will never confuse someone with the truth: remember the truth is black or white no gray. if they know what it is then, theres no way you can confuse them. Its way easier to say to a person ” Hey I don’t like you, I just think that ass fat and I wanna see it without the pants” lol or in a females case ” I don’t want you im just trying to get in ya pants” . Don’t give nobody the damn run around trying to wine and dine them and shit.  Thats a waste of money and time. I ain’t with that kinda shit.

4. You ever heard the truth will set you free: The hell you over lying for without you snaggle tooth ass. Its too much pressure to lie. It sit on your chest like Erica do when we play fight.  E I love you but your ass is heavy. Every time you tell a damn lie you gotta remember what damn lie you told.  That my friend is a full time job, you ain’t geting paid for it I would quit.  People lie and be walking around feeling like caged damn birds. Why trap yourself in a lie. ITS DUMB! Who has time. If you creeping say that. If her breath smell like hot ass say that. Don’t hold yiur tongue

Like dead as in my eyes,  there’s not point.  Im blunt and up front about everything. I tried saying it nicely but that was the worst 4 seconds of my life. But if you’re going to say you want the truth, be ready for the shit.  And if you ain’t bout this life don’t claim you want it. Now excuse me shit face liar I have to go to work.

Im outty


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