Communication: Black and White no Gray

Hallo ( Borat Voice)

So as always I’m in the group message with TC and Erica and I had no freaking idea what i was going to talk about today. Of course Erica old nasty ass wanna talk about sex and shit. But TC, told me to talk about communication. Its funny cause when she said it a turned TF up like all the way. Now I’m sure you’re reading this like, “Tasha if you talk you can communicate so what do you mean”. Today we talking about effective communications you ass bags. (Does list dance)

1. First of all PEOPLE IDK IS NOT A DAMN ANSWER!: If your talking to somebody and you asked them something like ” Babe we been talking for a minute, where do you see this going” or something simple like “What do you want from me” NINJA IF YOU OPEN YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND SAY I DONT KNOW IMA SLAP YO ASS. You know. Everyone always knows. There is no way in hell you don’t know. I can tell where something has the potential to go in a few days what the hell do you mean you don’t know. Its either a yes or a damn no the hell is there to think about. Talking about you don’t know like you making a life or death decision. This aint the damn illuminati stupid ass nobody has to damn die for you to speak your mind.

2. Lack of communication will eff some shit up: Now this isn’t just about relationships. This goes for businesses, school, friendships anything. When you don’t open your mouth to tell somebody whats really going on, shit gets crazy. I can name a couple instances where this has happened. TC says it all the time is black or white NO GRAY. Pretty much what that means is, if the shit aint working out for you say that. Don’t sit your dumb ass there and say “No its cool” or be a fence rider. You either in or you out. That shit is a blower to have somebody confusing the shit outta you.

3. If you don’t have communication you aint got shit!: People fail at life cause they don’t know how to open their damn mouth. Closed mouth don’t get fed. I swear somedays i feel like a relationship coach. My favorite line is ” But did you tell them that” Opening your  mouth to your friends or somebody outside your situationship isn’t going to help. What good is it going to do if you call Sharkeisha and told her your boyfriend sex is TF terrible. Its not going to help. Open your damn mouth like how many times do i have to tell your monkey ass.

4. Just cause your talking don’t mean its clear: People swear that they are saying how they feel. Remember the saying “Say what you mean and mean what you say”. Explain to me how the hell you expect somebody to know what the hell you’re feeling or what the hell going on in your mind if your not making it clear. Hey dick face, its called layman’s term. Better yet say that shit like you talk to your homies. And if you don’t have that relationship with your significant other, its time for a new one. Cause aint no way in hell. I can call my shorty right now and be like “Look bruh that shit wasn’t cool and you need to correct it or thats that ass”. He not going to get mad or he better not, but i can take care of that(evil grin). If you can open your mouth and say how you feel your an ass bag and you need to get your damn life.

At the end of the day, communication is key. Say what you wanna say, who going to check you! I say what i want all the damn time and the people freaking love it. Like i said who TF going to check me….. Don’t worry I’ll wait



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