Support its a Necessity

Jambo,(if you’ve never seen Mean Girls you won’t find this funny)

Ok so by a show of hands,  how many of you are in relationships…….(waits for you to raise your hand like a dumb ass). By another show of hands,  how many of you have “best friends”. Now if you put your hand in the air, kill yourself cause I CANT FREAKING SEE YOU! Anyway, if you answered yes or put your hand in the air this is for you.  Everyone has a significant other or best friend. Each of those titles come with jobs.  The one job that people have tendency to forget is SUPPORT.  The life that we live is shitty without a support system. A solid one, not one thats unstable like most of ya’ll weaves. Yes I went there. (Vanna White magically appears) And here is today’s list:

1. You can’t have ANY relationship without support: now everybody get real, how the hell are you going to have a functional relationship or friendship without support. People need a little push from time to time. You need a skinny friend to tell you to get off your fat ass and get it done or just to tell you that you can do it. Knowing somebody has your back through the toughest situation is a good damn feeling. Everyone wants true love,  but if you love someone you support them with every decision they make. Get your life people

2. Support can be the making or breaking point: anybody ever date an athlete? Yea me neither. But I had a TC and an Erica, long nights crazy weekends and all they did was travel. So as their friend and roommate ( even though Erica ass clearly lives across campus) it was my damn job to make sure they knew I was there. Some nights if they lost a game or had a rough night in practice they asses would find their way to my bed! But it was just cause they knew I understood.  When you know someone lives and breath what they love you gotta understand shit will be tough. Now if you’re going to be a shit face and complain about shit like ” We don’t spend enough time together” I want you to take that comment and STFU! They already having a tough time with not seeing your mongoose looking ass. Don’t make it worse by acting like a hoe about the situation. Let them know that you get that they are busy and you appreciate the phone calls and the text that they do send you and you love them for it.

3. You could ruin what you have: I know plenty of people who’s relationships are in a sticky situation. Prime example,  my close friend just graduated college and she has a job in her field im proud of her. But she has a girlfriend who is giving her ultimatums and shit. You know the situation you’re in before you get into it. Hey dumb ass! If you don’t want to be the person that keeps your friend or significant other grounded through this shit spare they’re feeling’s and move on. This life ain’t easy. And I can tell you, if it wasn’t for TC, Erica, KiKi,and Marie my ass wouldn’t  be where I am. Between them, my family, and God I’ve been able to keep going.  If you wanna be the person to sabotage your relationship go ahead. Let your partner know you could give two shits about what it is they are trying to do for the both of you.

4. Your not doing you damn job: boogerwoofs and hood boogers are always yelling they want loyalty and honesty ummmm hello support should be up there. Its your job as a friend or a bae! You dip shit,  if you weren’t with them while they were trying to make the money,  dont stand your ass in line when its time to spend the shit.  I’m not going to be looking for the person that wasn’t there for me. I’m looking for the person that read my blog, listen to me cry about how hard I struggled.  You can’t reap the benefits of a job your ass ain’t do. Point blank period.

At the end of the day,  support isn’t just one of those things you over look and by pass. People need it to progress and grow. You either going ride the wave or be ship wrecked by your got damn self.

Peace out suckas!!!!!!


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