To Change or Not to Change Thats a Demand


Didn’t know I spoke Fench did ya? Well I don’t so get that out of your mind.
Yesterday I’m in a group message talking to TC and Erica. I love talking to them, it can either be this deep insightful conversation or it can turn into straight tomfoolery. One of the things we talk about is changing things up. Now I don’t mean changing your dirty draws you’re obligated to do that.  Someone told me “If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always got”. Guess what time it is! Guess what time it is! LIST TIIIIIIIMMMMME! ( what you dont think its funny. I don’t give a shit).

1. You’ll always get what you always got: if you always gravitate to the hood boogers and boogerwoofs of the world you’ll always have to deal with their rachetivity. Don’t know what a hood booger or boogerwoof is, refer to my post entitled “Valentine’s Day Vortex”. Any who,  just for once stop considering the man that called you beautiful or the woman that thinks your handsome as being thirsty. Hey Captian Stupid! Thats not thirst,  thats what it looks like when a gentleman or a real woman has interest in your old ugly ass.

2. You wont know what you like until you try it: now this isn’t just reference to relationships. Its anything! People are always yelling stupid shit like “Thats not going to look good on my skin” or ” Hell no that look nasty”. Again Captain Stupid, you can’t go based off how stuff looks or what peoole say. You never know what you miss out on if you just try the damn thing.

3. You have no sense of adventure if you don’t change stuff up: I always say I want a man with a sense of adventure.  Yo necesito aventura. Oh did you not get an A in Spanish,  well thats a damn shame cause thats basic Spanish. But anyways, if you get up every morning and do the same shit, YOU ARE BORING! Get dressed and go exploring.  Get in your car gas that shit up and drive.  Now if you drive a putt putt don’t go to far, ain’t nobody got time to come get your ass.

4. Switching up stuff can excited your partner( people in relationships only): Ladies if you usually wear high-leg briefs and big grandma panties, go into Victoria’s Secret and get you some lace backs. Men just so you know, no damn woman my age wears high-leg damn briefs. Them shits ugly! Men if you always send her flowers on Monday,  send them on Friday. Keep the element of surprise going.

Once again guys ” If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always got” Switch stuff up and bring some color to your life cause if you wearing high-leg briefs I KNOW YOUR SHIT SUCK!



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