You Single? A Death Sentence or A Blessing

What’s up or whateva

Ok so lets have a talk. Every time I log on to a social network all I see is crap like ” Im so sick of being single” and “Dudes aint worth shit” blah blah blah. I want to be the first to say STFU! I mean what’s so wromg with being single. Oh yea its list time.

1. Being single you do WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT: Now when you have a significant other you have rules and shit. Now if you’re anything like me, which I doubt,  I’m a rebel I do what I want. If you tell me not to I’m doing it anyway. You have the ability to have  freedom. Now granted when I get in a relationship that will all change because I have to respect my King( whoever you are). But until then shiiiiiit I’m doing what I want until things get serious. Freedom is the shit and if you don’t think so you aint living.

2. Being single isn’t the damn apocalypse: females this one’s for you. tou acr like the world is crashing down on your ass cause you don’t have a man. Eff a man take that time to get ya shit together. Get a degree, a job, a car something. Women want a man to come to the tablw with all these materialistic stuff and they don’t have it. Take the time you have while your single and become the woman you want to be first.

3. You don’t have anybody clocking you: now im sorry im down for good morning text and late night conversation. I just can’t stand when someone is texting me every hour on the hour. You’re not my damn keeper. My time away from you is just that! And if you down for that then so be it but im not. You can have that shit for real. Clingy is terrible as HELL. Having somebody aggravate you thay many times a day will blow the shit out of you.  Just think about it,  you tell them what time you’re going to work and when you get off.  Thirty minutes into your shift you get a text “Baby wyd” like you weren’t going to be at work 30 minutes after you got there! Aggravating!

4. You look insecure: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone. You better become friends with God. I’m never alone or lonely.  Females kill me with that “I just can’t be myself” shit. You were born alone, unless you’re a twin. You’re going to die alone, unless some tragic shit happens and you die with a group of people(God forbid). So be by your damn self shit. Enjoy it and shut up.  People with kids wish they had time to be alone. Married peooke would love to come home and be alone. So again I say STFU!

Now personally,  yes I am single and been single for four years. In my opinion no I don’t have a car my own spot but im working on it. The im not asking a man to have over 4000 in his account, with a car and a job making ovee 40 thousand a year. All I want is someone with drive and ambition so we can build our kingdom together. But at the same time you’ll never catch me complaining about being single. I do what I want ALL THE TIME. I’m working on me.  Some of you dip shits should try it.

Peace to the middle east!


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