Its 50/50 Ninja

Ok eff all this nice stuff.  Lets talk about how people don’t think that relationships are 50/50. Even when you gyys are just “talking” its still a 50/50 thing. I don’t get how people think they don’t have to put in work. If you work to get me what makes you think you don’t have to work to keep me. People got it all wrong:

1. Im not putting in what I’m not getting: don’t expect me to call you or text you all the time and you can’t do the same. First off if I have to text you first all the time thats dead! To me that says you really dont want shit. You trying to put some beef in my taco,  so you’re going to do the bare minimum just to keep me hanging on sad part is a can give two shits. Im going to playnyour game better than you. You don’t wanna talk so I won’t.  You don’t wanna text, I don’t either. Lol I invented this game.

2. If you don’t want to put in work. Im out: don’t trip cause its not just me. This generation really thinks that you don’t have to work. I bet they’ll put the work in if yoy wasnt giving away the cootie cat for free. And thats real. People getting the shit for the free. THEE FREE! Make that man work for the cootie. If you want him cuff you. Hold out. Until that man say he your man. Make that man work. But at the same time, you gotta work for that man too.

3. Females gotta work too: Ladies think that a man is the only person thats suppose to work. Ummmm sweetie I did say 50/50. If you want him to work, you gotta work. Let that man known you see the work he putting in and you put in too. Don’t leave him hanging and try to brag to your rachet ass friends about how he thirsty all up in your phone. Cause if thats what you do you an harlot and you need to grow the fuck up. You will lose. Then your rachet ass friend going to be walking around with em. Then you going to be mad as hell.

I gotta go shopping I’m out


Clingy for What

I’m sitting down scratching my scalp with a rat tail comb (ratchet action of the day) and all I could think about is somebody being clingy. Who in the hell wants somebody calling, text me all times of day and shit. Ummm hello can I have some damn space. I can’t take it. Its so effing annoying. You think that shit ok, ummmm LE FUCK NO ITS NOT!
1. Space is important: let me damn breath shit! I need time to myself, I like being alone.  If you need to be up under me all day every day you need a damn hobby. I just don’t see myself laying up in a bed  or sitting around your ass all day when there is money to be made. We can cuddle when I get the hell off work.

2. I already have two parents: ninja I don’t need to clocking me. You got one time to ask me where I’m at. One time. If you ask me that shit again in a 30 minute time span yo ass is gone! I can’t deal with somebody all up in my phone asking the same shit. You can text me three times a day, in the morning just to say good morning and wish me a good day. One time in the afternoon to see how my day is going, and at night. And first off if we together you shouldn’t be texting me at night. Calling is also apart of a relationship if you shit heads didnt know! But at night we should be wrapping up the day. You ain’t my daddy don’t be damn clocking me.

3. Clingy is aggy: your aggravating as hell. I don’t damn get it. I work two damn jobs and only get paid for one. I dont have time for your ass to get on my nerves. They only time I want you in my ear, in my bed or in my damn inbox is when my day is over. Thats when I need someone to ease the stress of my day. I don’t need you to add on to the shit I’m already dealing with. Shit go away for a few hours find something to do. Get a damn job, start on your career.

Now lets be honest I barely have this problem cause I only hear from one person on consistent basis. I’m cool on that shit.

Again I have to go to my second job.
Peace loser.

Hard to Get For What

You single? You wanna blame everybody else for it. He ain’t my type, she too much of a stud. Ypunfind stuff to complain about. Then you wonder why the hell people dudes or females(don’t trip this includes the gays) stop talking to your ass. Its cause you think you’re such a diamond in a a rough, when really you a damn rock in a lake. Playing hard to get like somebody can’t just pick yo sorry ass up off the side of the road:

1. You look stupid: “Oh. I like him but ima make him work for it” or “Nah ima cuff her but ima test her first” if you think that by the time your ass is done making him work for it or ttesting her,  they still going to be around.  You a damn fool. You know how many people lose out on the perfect person cause they wanna test em and shit. You look like a dumb ass. I don’t get it, again I say, if you want somebody go get them. You sitting here playing around like you just unlocked a new damn board on Mario Cart Racing. You my friend are an idiot.

2. Nobody wins: you wanna play and shit, then when the game over you single and the person is happy with somebody else. All that “I would be with you but………” that shit don’t fly nobody sticking around for that. If your thinking about me text me. If you wanna hear , my voice call me. Don’t be wondering what I’m doing and all you have to do is damn hit me up. You ass monkeys continuously do this shit backwards. You think yo momma and daddy made you cause they were playing games. NAH. Ninja your daddy spit that G to yo momma and she was stuck to his ass like white on rice or a fly to a pile of shit. You wanna make it seem like top notch and shit. News flash ninja you ain’t shit without your other half.

Ugh I could probably go all day but you ass bags dont pay my bills. If you want somebody go get em. No holds bars

I gotta go to work harlots

You Can Have Your Cake, But Can You Keep It?

So lets talk about the bullish that goes on in the male universe. Dudes today im talking about ya’ll and the stupid stuff you ass bags do. Better yet one thing in particular, why in the hell do you keep females around if you don’t damn want her. Move the hell on. Forgive them Lord for they not know what they do to your greatest creation.

1. Dudes you can’t keep a security blanket: that one woman that held you down, that supported you, gave you everything just sonyou knew she was there for you. You don’t get to keep her. You decided to go for the harlot that had the clappers that threw her cheeks your way. You forgot about about the girl that iced your knee after the basketball game. Or remember when she sat up and helped you study.  You forget all about her until your harlot find a ninja with more money then you have. You run right back to her, but eventually she wont be there when your stupid ass decides to come back.

2. Dummy you ruin her feelings and you lose: you ever saw that triangle where good girls are damage by dumb guys, then that same girl damges a good guy. Do you know that shit is your fault. Ninjas have a habit for trying to keep a good woman you don’t truly want. You don’t want her so leave her ass alone! Stop calling her late nught, texting her early morning. Drake said it best “we can’t stand to see each other with somebodu else.” You ignoramuses don’t want to be with her so why damge her cause you don’t want to let her go. You know i could help you fix that. Let me whisper it to you, come closer its a secret…if you don’t want to see her with anyone else BE WITH HER YOUR DAMN SELF ASS WHIPE.  I don’t get how hard it could be shit.

At the end of the day  your a dick head cause you confuse this woman,  you make her feel for you in ways she have never felt for any man, and you kill her spirit and now she is a man killer. And you are shit out of a woman. It sucks to watch the woman that was suppose to be yours with a man that appreciated her more.

Peace love and haor grease

Actions and Words Part 1

I’m not saying good morning

You ever hear somebody say “You know actions  speak louder than words.” I’m sure you believed it and ran with it. You ever stop and think, the things you say and the things you do should match. Did ever stop and think that what you say and what you should match.
It really grinds my gears when a person acts one way and say something else. There are only two big points in this.

1. You can’t expect somebody to believe what your mouth says:  its like saying you love somebody. Dumb ass you can’t tell somebody you love them and not show them. Its damn near impossible.  Your actions are to support your words. Some  shit heads use their words as weapons or set up to get what they want. Then its over, your words and actions are one in the mutha effing same! I just don’t get what you monkeys don’t understand.

2.  Your actions and your words send the wrong message: prime example, I had a thing with a guy. Of courer the shit head claim he didnt want me, but if you ask TC and Erica we were in a relationship,  he action were wat off from his words. He wouldn’t let me out his sight, were always together,  did things together. This ninja called and text me every morning. Now lets be real, I have the mentality of a dude my age if I don’t want your ass I aint calling or texting shit! But in this case some peopke don’t allow their feelings to take over their worsd but it has total control of their actions.
Guess who’s the real vagina!

Nothing too heavey today have a good day

Trust Me?

I was going to say good morning but I don’t care to say so.

This morning I wanna talk about trust. I think its hilarious how people can trust each other with their body parts but you can trust your shorty with your password. Im not going to list anything cause there ain’t shit to list. How the hell is it possible for you give yourself to someone with no condom but wont give them the password to your damn twitter. 
This goes back to insecurities,  oh you can’t trust me wtf you hiding. Ugh ok fuck it heres a list:

1. If you don’t trust me I can’t bang with you: friends included. See friends always think they are exempt from shit like this but they arent. If you haven to question my loyalty to you.  If you have to question me about dumb shit that you know for a fact I wouldn’t have said you don’t trust me. And lack of trust is some shit I ain’t putting up  with. For my dude, if you trust me with your genitals them ninja you should trust , e with your heart, mind,body and soul. First off in order for me to trust you with my physical I need to see some papers that say that ass is clean. And thats real shit. Then we can talk about getting down and dirty. But if you can’t trust me with you then your done. You can have the code to my phone the password to my twitter all that dumb shit is yours if you want it. Hell I’ll even give you the pin to my debit card but its cause I trust you.

2. 9 out of 10 times if you cant trust that means that ass is a liar: lying is something I will never tolerate. And if your dumb ass think for one second that trust and lying isnt one in the same. You my friend are a dumb shit. If you’re a lair you can’t be trusted that’s point blank period. Like I said in previous blogs I don’t kiss a ninja I cant trust. So fuck outta here with your lying ass.

3. How many people have you met with trust issues in a functional relationship: yea they maybe in one but every time you turn around, ” She flirting with him, i think they like each other”  STFU. If you know and trust your significant other there is not problem.  I don’t give a damn if my shorty post a pic on IG of him and another girl. So who cares, if its not disrespectful to me I could care less. You can’t be with someone you don’t trust the shit just don’t work. People always talking about ” l can’t do long distance” that’s cause your ass can’t be trusted and you ain’t loyal.

At the end of the day m shit just don’t make sense. I can give younthe kitty but not the password to my shit. You can’t have the code to my phone but I can supply you with the best “knowledge” you’ve ever had in your life. You peopke got this messed up. Ya’ll just damn stupid

I gotta go to the gym. Ya’ll dumb asses stress me out


Awwww! You’re Insecure!

Whats up, Did you brush your teeth yet?………No? Don’t speak back.

Oh thats what you wearing today? You look like a wale! Oh you mad. Be careful sweetie, your insecurities are creeping from behind you. Yea we are talking about insecurities this morning thanks to TC! Now fellas don’t trip, ya’ll some insecure suckas too. So please for two seconds don’t think this here ain’t about you. Nobody wants anybody with insecurities. You wanna be the baddest B**** but you don’t like your real hair. Don’t trip damn right i wear weave i love that shit. But ain’t shit like the natural cure and kinkiness that is my hair. How do you know you’re insecure, don’t worry hoe I’m about to tell you:

1. If you think your not worth it: Don’t get what i mean? If you think that some shouldn’t have to wait for you. If you think your wrong for standing your ground. Females, if you think you wrong for telling that ninja he gotta wait 90 days until you give up the kitty cat. YOU ARE INSECURE! You don’t think your worth these things. You don’t think you deserve respect. I hear how your dude talk to you. Get the hell outta here stupid! If you have any doubt in you tiny little pee brain that you don’t deserve anything less than the best get you damn life. Cause aint no damn man allowed to treat or come at me any kinda way.

2. If you the loudest person in the room: I know insecure females sad to say but some of them consider me their friend lol. If we are friends and you read this and thought for one second that i was referring to you, hello Ms. Insecure. Yea, Ms. Insecure the loudest girl in the room cause nobody paying you any attention. Wanna yell and shit so somebody see ya. SIT YOUR INSECURE ASS DOWN! We see your attention needing ass. Now a female thats secure, walks in a room and sits her ass down. While the rest of you dick wads make a fool of yourself.

3. If you disagree with a complement: Now this is more so for dudes cause an insecure female oh best believe she fishing for a complement. ( old man from state farm commercial voice) ” Oh you almost had it, you gotta be quicker than that.” But dudes if a woman tells you you’re handsome and you say nah instead of thank you. You my dear are insecure. No female wants an insecure man. I need to know that my man knows that he is secure in his spot. He need to know that nobody can be to me who he is to me. And if you ladies don’t feel the same way, yo ass insecure too. This goes for both men and women. Your mentality should be that anybody who screws you over will regret it. Most of you heffas ( dudes too) don’t even think you worthy of marriage. Eff that I’m wife material and its not even being cocky I know I’m worth that much. But ya’ll don’t hear me though.

4. If you gotta impress everybody around you: Lets get this straight. YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE A HOT RATS ASS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SAHARA DESERT WHAT SOMEBODY THINKS ABOUT YOU. You have nothing to prove. Oh you wanna brag about the things you have, heres a secret ( in Smokey voice) I DONT GIVE A FUUUUH! Nobody cares. You so insecure that you gotta make yourself look cool. Oh you gotta apartment, thats nice congrats. But every five seconds you don’t have to say shit like ” I’m ready to go to my house” or ” I got bills to pay i gotta house.” First, that is an apartment, what my parents live in is a house. Second, we know you don’t live with your momma stfu. We get it you take care of yourself, most people do. But if you think by talking about your shit all the time is going to make somebody like you?  Nah it won’t. My mother always told me if you gotta brag about what you have, you ain’t got shit. If you need to talk about all the stuff you have just to make people like you, you need to go reevaluate yourself. You don’t need any approval. Somebody hates you, smile at em shit.

At the end of the day if your insecure you’re screwed. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with, or be friends with somebody thats insecure. I know I don’t. My circle small, and we all confident

Peace out hood rats

You Thought You Were Special

Que pasa!

Sorry ya’ll I had to take a few days off. I’m sure all you ladies are praying to God that you made it through the weekend without getting knocked up. And if in three weeks you can say your stilk good, then damit I’m proud of you. Now speaking of this weekend all of ya’ll was hype. I seen so many posts downing other peoples relationship cause their Valentine’s Day wasn’t the same as yours. Here’s why we don’t give le fuck.

1. You must have something to prove:  no this is no shade but who gives a rats ass in a New York subway. Now some of ya’ll may think this is jealously but chill. I don’t get joy out of what people do me. My Valentines had a great suprise to go home to. I love my babies TC and Erica.  But did you see their post or nah! I know you didn’t. Like its great to know that you have someone who wants to make you feel like something for A DAY. So you pressed or nah?

2. You hype off a day: lets see by a show of hands how many of ya’ll gets flowers any other day besides February 14th……..Oh just in case you ain’t know this is me waiting………. Exatly. You hype off ine damn day. Like dude there are 365 days in the year and you hype off this one. You think we care! No we don’t. Your one day is hype, but you don’t get all excited about your regular day. Of course you don’t cause its probably not that special.  Soooo you mad! I don’t care,

At the end of the day you hype off one day, what’s so special about your other days.  My g if you going to give somebody something to be jealous of do it on a random day. Lol everybody gets treated special on Valentine’s Day. So yea STFU!
I got shit to do.

Ya’ll Not Together. You Mad?


So first off s/o to this weather. Also s/o to everybody who mad they’re single. Ha! No cuddle buddy for you. Any who, I was reading old convos trying to figure out what to blog about. Of course TC and Erica have no idea how they helped. A long time ago we had an RNS convo about when it’s a relationship. When do you know if you guys are ” a thing”. Now at this time they were being complete asses but any hoochie. These signs mean absolutely NOTHING

1. If ya’ll spending a shit load of time together: now if you spending day in and day out with something that lets you know two things: 1. You ain’t handling no business 2. You’re a lonely little sucka. If you have shit to do you shouldn’t be spending so much time together thats for one. But just cause somebody wants you in their space all the time don’t mean shit. You may just be cool to be around. Hell I had people I hung around just cause they eased the stress of my day.  Do you see us holding hands and kissing on instagram. Um le fuck no! Again I say get your life people 

2. Somebody talk to all the time: that means absolutely nothing.  I talk to people all the time. That don’t mean shit! So what you text me or call me all the time. When the sun sets IM STILL SINGLE. Your phone calls don’t mean shit. Oh big shit you text cause you ain’t heard from me all day. Who gives a fuck! We not together so of course its me who could give a rats ass on a NY city bus. I mean the thought of having somebody to talk to everyday is cool. But if thats how you fel you better get your ass a best friend.

3. Someone who won’t let you out of their sight: now this shit here is the blower.  You don’t need to see everything I do or be with me all the time. Now if I like yo ass I won’t mind but at the end of the day give me my space. We aint us! And this clearly don’t mean we together. I never left a lot of peoples sight but shit lol do you see us together at all. But don’t trip cause I’ll seriously wait on that shit……….. Oh!

Long story short if shorty don’t come out they mouth and say ya’ll together then shit. You’ll be one of these loney people in your bed watching cartoons on this snow day. Keep puttong yourself in relationships with friends and your feelings will be hurt.

Peace out!