Mixed Signals for Dumbies

First of all, good morning readers. So its 8:06 am and im laying in bed replying to text messages. Don’t judge me,  you look at your phone first thing in the morning too just like the rest of us. But anyway, im looking at my text messages and I laugh because of all the mixed signals this one asshole keeps sending me. One day you’re all on my phone the next minute its a entire 360. And its pretty obvious that I like to make lists of stuff so here we go:
I’d like to call this: Mixed Signals For Dumbies

1. Nothing good ever came out of a mixed signal: Hey asshole if mixed signals worked the marriage rate in America would sky rocket. How many damn people have you heard say “Oh yea he sent me mixed signals and we fell so deep in love”  Ummm news flash Captian Obvious NOBODY EVER SAID THAT.  No one is going to continue to tolerate that bull so stop doing it.

2. Eventually the person will leave: Now ladies please don’t think for one damn split second that this post isn’t for you. Yes men send mixed signals like Sallie Mae send those damn debt collection notices (and if you don’t know Sallie Mae then……). But ladies if a man truly wants you he ain’t sticking around playing wack a mole with your ass. Bring your ass out the hole and be up front with him. Shit! Don’t make it hard for the man. I mean let’s be honest here. Ain’t no way in the fiery pits of Hell will I stick around for a person that’s confusing the shit out of me I dont have time.

3.  You look damn confused: When you go to your favorite ice cream parlor nine out of 10 times you know what you want. You don’t take your ass in there and run off 6 different flavors.  You already know what you want cause it’s your favorite! The same should apply to a partner. Don’t go giving someone the damn run around and leaving them confused its unfair.

4. If you truly want them you lose out: People send mixed signals for two reasons. You’re either a dick head or you’re afraid. Now if you really like the person, nobody’s saying yell “Hi-Ho Silver” and dive in head first. Take your time don’t rush but give the person a reason to stick around. My generation got this love shit backwards.  Pushing a person away won’t make them stay. THEY WILL LEAVE YOUR BACKWARDS ASS.  Be up front,  tell them you like them and you wanna take things slow.

5. I personally think 1-4 are valid points: There is no need for a number 5. Just don’t send mixed signals, if you’re not sure what you want from them take it day by day.  Don’t send someone on a wild goose chase in the Sahara Desert. Its stupid

Hasta Lavista Babies


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